Exit Road Concrete Work

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May 24, 2019
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Exit Road Concrete Work

You will soon notice some changes at the exit gate this week that will enable us to keep our community safe, allow for quicker exit from the community and address people driving into the community through the exit gate.  This enhancement to our exit gate security is a direct result of listening to the feedback of our members.

New Gate Arm:  We will be adding a new gate arm to the back side of the exit gate (DD side) while also removing the spikes to make for a quicker exit from the community.  The new gate arm technology will respond better to all vehicle types including motorcycles for reliable operation.

Exit Gate Spikes:  When the exit gate spikes are removed for the new exit gate arm they will be retained for potential use in other areas of our community.

New Concreate Surface:  There will be two new areas of concrete.  One will be on the DD side of the current exit gate approximately 20’ wide by 25’ deep.  The other area will be at the exit right at DD.  The culvert pipe underneath has outlived its useful life and will be replaced.  That area will be approximately 30’ wide and coming back almost 60’.

I would like to thank John Richmond and Pat Leahy from the Board who have worked together in leading this project.  They both commit so much time to our community while balancing full-time jobs outside of the community.

Work should start Wednesday July 10 or Thursday July 11 for the concrete and the new gate arm should follow after that.  We will have a detour that will lead you from the exit side of the road through the visitor side of the entrance gate.  Also notice we will be leaving all the gate arms up during this time since there will be no way for guests to call in to the members since that will be used for a temporary exit road.  Please NOTE the entrance road will have to be used for entrance AND exit onto DD.

Mark McLean

ILPOA President