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April 16, 2024
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On May 2, 2024, five ILPOA Board Members met with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department leadership team to re-confirm the various roles for CCSD and ILPOA CARE regarding the safety of our community, members and guests.  The following are notes from that meeting.

* 5/02/24 meeting with CCSD (attendees Sheriff D Layman, Major Deputy A Carnal, Lt Brooks, Gary Weber, Al Santiago, Tom Orelup, Barry Alick and Bob Dixon).

* reconfirmed CCSD’s commitment to Indian Hills.

* reviewed and agreed to the roles of CCSD and CARE.

* ILPOA security cannot respond to:

*break ins

* drug issue

* domestic abuse

* CCSD will respond inside Indian Hills

* breaking / theft

* drug trafficking

* domestic abuse

* aggressive dogs (“will respond to anything”…the question is what legally can be done about a specific incident….”but please call and find out.”  Please remember that the victim of the dog incident needs to be the one making the phone call ).

* careless and imprudent driving 

* CCSD will not respond to

* speeding

* loose dogs

* ILPOA rules

* CCSD is always willing to receive phone calls.

* dial 573-775-2125 for general information or to talk to a specific individual.

* Email can be used if preferred ( ).

* For Crime tips ( non-emergency ), dial 573-775-2825.

* For an Emergency, dial 911 (this is a dispatch service / CCSD will determine their response based upon information received and the geographical location of their officers at the time of information receipt).

 If you have any question, contact Bob Dixon, Chair of ILPOA CARE.