Water Leaks & Culvert Maintenance – April 2020

Roads & Maintenance April 2020 Update
March 22, 2020
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March 22, 2020
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Water Leaks & Culvert Maintenance – April 2020

The information below was prepared by Gary Campbell, ILPOA Roads & Maintenance Chair. If you have any questions regarding Roads & Maintenance please email Gary at bod.gcampbell@ilpoa.org.

It appears Spring may be here and two areas I see as issues are:

  1. There are quite a few water leaks lately, seems we experience quite a bit of that when the pipes expand and contract during temperature changes from winter to spring.  I spent half a day driving around the lake on Friday, 3/13/20 and identified 15 leaks.  Remember, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to call the water company to report leaks and it seems that the squeaky wheel gets taken care of first.  The City of Cuba or ILPOA has nothing to do with the water company.  I did make a list of my findings that day and sent some to the water company, and the response I received was that they intend to fix all leaks in April.  Keep calling them to get updates on your particular leak and if that leak is causing road damage, you might stress to them the urgency needed. The phone number to call is (866) 747-0493 or (314) 736-4672. Thank you.
  2. I want to remind all property owners who have culverts under your entry drives are your responsibility.  I ask you to please inspect your culverts to ensure they are clear of debris and leaves to allow a proper flow of runoff during rainy weather. It doesn’t take long for them to get blocked and this could potentially cause a more significant issue and potentially costly repair for you. Given the current situation, we want to work with you. Our bylaws stipulate that you have 30 days to comply once we send you a letter. Since many may find themselves temporarily out of work if you receive a letter and are unable to comply for any reason (Physical restrictions, financial reasons, etc.) let us know so we can work to assist you. I have asked the maintenance department to survey the community for areas of concern and I will be sending letters per Section 26 or our Rules & Regs.  This requirement is important to prevent road degradation and possible flooding of neighboring property.

I ask that we all be diligent in responding to these particular areas as soon as possible. Again, if you find yourself handicapped in any way, please contact me online or leave a message with Michele at the office. 

Thank you,

Gary Campbell

Chair Roads & Maintenance, bod.gcampbell@ilpoa.org