Truck Needed for Maintenance Department

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June 30, 2021
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June 30, 2021
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Truck Needed for Maintenance Department

Members and friends,

We are currently in need of a new truck for our maintenance department.
Our “Old Blue” is well past being on its last leg. Mechanical repairs have far exceeded the value and it will not pass inspection.

We need your help. As you all know, our budget constraints drastically limit our purchasing ability. With that said, we are hoping for a member or a group of members to step up and help us with a replacement.

Our need includes: (1)-ton cab/chassis or low profile bed. Low mileage and in great running condition. Diesel or gasoline engine. The 4-wheel drive would be nice but not necessary. It needs to be able to pass Missouri state inspections.

If you or your company have a vehicle or you know of someone that has a truck like this, please contact me.

Tom McClard