Security Update (November ’21)

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November 13, 2021
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November 15, 2021
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Security Update (November ’21)

ILPOA and CCSD Partnership

The ILPOA Board of Directors has concluded that the Crawford County Sheriff Department (CCSD) sub-station within our community will best serve the community if it is established in the back room of the office.  The Board wishes to thank all of the thoughtful members who provided the necessary support and input that allowed us to make, what we believe, is the proper decision for our community. Work is underway to properly prepare that space for a soon-to-be official, grand opening of the CCSD sub-station at Indian Lake. CCSD will also have access to the ILPOA Community Center in the event that they need data access while responding to calls inside of our community. CCSD will only enter the Community Center when it is not in use.

Nuisance Dogs

Section 11 of our Rules & Regulations prohibits dogs to run at large within our community. Violation of Section 11 is one of the biggest ILPOA member complaints. Frequently, the member complaint includes safety concerns.  If and when, any ILPOA member or guest feels threatened by a loose dog ( as described by Section 11 of our Rules & Regulations ), they may request the assistance of the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department. This action would be in addition to any citation/fine process that the ILPOA Board deems appropriate. I would ask that all ILPOA dog owners read Section 11 of our Rules & Regulations and make every effort to comply and thus minimize the number of complaints about non-compliance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Robert Dixon and Don Kalista, Security Co-Chairs