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March 28, 2021
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March 28, 2021
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Security Update (March)

The Security Update was provided by Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA Security Chair. If you have any questions regarding Security you can email Mary Beth at

We are sorry to report that we received a resignation from our security guard Bob Emling.  Bob has been a fabulous asset to security and we are very sorry that he is leaving us.

That leaves an opening to be filled for Roving Patrol.  The position requires working every other week, from 3-4 hours a day, answering the roving patrol phone, being close enough to respond to calls, an understanding of the rules and regulations, an ability to enforce the rules and write citations.  Please respond to should you be interested, or know of anybody who would be interested.  Although it is not necessary to be a member of the Association, we will not entertain any members who are not in good standing for any positions.  It is becoming more and more difficult to hire employees, which is going to result in us being forced to change our procedures.  We need help from the Members.  Roving patrol is there to enforce our IH rules/gate issues.  EVERYTHING else should be a call to Crawford County Sheriff Department.  An abandoned car, gunshots, threatening dogs, suspicious folks roaming, potential robberies, etc.  All of these should be calls to CCSD.  Following up with Security AFTER you contact CCSD to keep us informed would be appreciated.   Posting to Social Media does not constitute a report, our team only sporadically checks social media.  Number of Roving Patrol:  573 259 3700.  Or email or  You must give your name/address to report any issues, we will keep your info confidential.

Reminder that the Missouri State Highway Patrol will be putting on a Water Safety Class on April 24 at 10 am at the Community Center.  There are still a few positions open for this 2 hour general safety class.  

You have been noticing some flashing lights around the community.  This is part of our Safety Initiative.  We are concentrating on AWARENESS and PREVENTION.  We have installed lights on top of the Stop, Yield, and Slow signs in areas that have proven traffic issues.  If we can bring attention to the hazards and it helps to prevent one accident, it is a success.  The Booster Club paid for the lights, we appreciate their continued support!  Also, we are installing a dashcam in the patrol car.  We’d like the opportunity for us, CCSD, and possibly the entire community to actually see what goes on in the community.  I intend to publish many more offenders of issues.  The last time I did that, I had an offender’s name within 5 minutes.  Appreciate the help from our members.  

Reminders on Gate: 95% of the issues at the gate are the following:

  • The member has not explained the gate system to their Guest, Contractor, delivery person.  That includes giving them their four-digit code.
  • Guests pull up in the Member lane with no card and have to back out.  
  • Guests cannot reach their Member and remain in the line.  There is a bailout lane to use should the directory not reach the Member. 
  • The member is not available when their guests, etc arrive.  If you choose to be out in the middle of the lake when your guests are scheduled to arrive, chances are your cell service will not pick up the call.  Boosters, internet calls or hard phone lines help the service issues immensely.
  • A vehicle does not STOP at the STOP signs.  Those stop signs really mean STOP.  Only one vehicle through the gates at a time.  Piggybacking often results in the gate coming down on a car/trailer, etc, and breaking of the arm as well as damage to your car.
  • Members not in good standing do not have the luxury of their names/numbers in the directory.  Tell your guests, etc that and meet them at the gate at their arrival.  
  • And remember, our cameras catch multiple areas at the gate.  That includes the entrance and exit lanes, the directory, the arms, etc.


  • 2/2/21    A young gal cussed and harassed the roving patrol guard as she had no way to get into the community.
  • 2/4/21    Beagle running loose again.
  • 2/5/21-2/6/21    The roving patrol phone is broke, new one bought.
  • 2/6/21    White van came in and wanted to go in the exit gate as they did not have a name/number to call on the directory.  Roving patrol told them that if they went in the exit CCSD would be called for trespassing.  Eventually, their friend came to the gate to let them in.
  • 2/6/21    Silver and black mustang repeatedly came in thru the exit gate, reported by members, and on the video at 4XX Lakeshore.  Citations sent.
  • 2/7/21    Received a call that a member heard gunshots.  Advised the member to call 911, security does not respond to gunshots.  
  • 2/9/21    Multiple calls regarding road conditions, salting/plowing.
  • 2/9/21    Domestic issue on L/S & Squaw.  CCSD handled.
  • 2/12/21    Female driver pulled up to member gate arm and stopped, had no card, etc.  Said she was supposed to meet “someone.”  Was directed to back out of member lane, she did not try the directory and left.
  • 2/14/21    TV cable noticed down on Allegheny – no reported outages.
  • 2/22/21    Bridge opened.  All 911, busses, etc. called.
  • 2/24/21    Dead animal reported on the dam

Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA Security Chair