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April 23, 2021
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April 26, 2021
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Security Update (4/21)

The following Security Report was provided by Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA Security Chair. If you have any questions regarding ILPOA Security please contact Mary Beth by sending an email to

We are in search of security personnel…both Roving and Water.  Right now, Joe and I are filling in until we can find some employees.  If you are interested or know of someone, please contact me at

The Boat Registration Rule states that all boats being launched, operated, docked at private or ILPOA docks or on lifts in the lake water of Indian Hills Subdivision are required to be registered with the Association Office and to display current ILPOA boat stickers purchased at a total of $25…….  Boat stickers have been available since February and the office has been open on Saturdays.  Security will be on the lake during the week inspecting and issuing citations/fines for non-stickered boats in docks.  You will also notice that we will be spending much more time at the public docks inspecting boats as they go in the water.  You’d be surprised how many we have sent out – only to follow them to the next cove trying to get in again!  In addition, remember that your lot numbers are to be on your boat as well as your dock.  A member who has not paid their dues or is a member not in good standing for any other reason is not allowed to place a boat on our lake.  Neither is a renter.  

Same with Golf Carts, ATVs, etc.  The members approved the requirement for stickers, and our security will be checking/issuing citations and fines.  Lot numbers are required on these vehicles and no children driving.  16 years old, with a drivers license.  These vehicles are only to be used on the roads – no off road on Association property.  We have also seen a bunch of motor bikes, again only persons operating a motorized vehicle on the roads of IH subdivision shall possess a valid driver’s license. 

Please be courteous when you are stopped/checked.  It is their job to uphold IH rules.  This is part of the reason that it is difficult to hire/keep personnel – as they take much abuse from members who don’t want to abide by the rules, have had too much alcohol, etc.  Remember, these are rules that your neighbors and members have submitted, voted for and approved.  

This year, we sent a boat rule sheet with your dues invoice.  This was intended to be a working sheet to keep with you at your house, on the boat, etc.  We particularly see issues with “guests”, not familiar with Indian Hills who have not been briefed on the rules by the members – please make sure they are aware of all rules and understand how to safely use the watercraft you have trusted them with.


  • Never tow closer than 100 feet to any non-motorized boat, object, or person.
  • All motorized watercraft must allow, at minimum 100 feet from anyone being towed by another watercraft as well as between other watercraft.

In general – STAY 100’ away from ANYTHING, the shore, other vehicles, swimmers, etc.  Although it seems like common sense, we see it happening every day (especially wave runners “jumping” wakes) and it is one of the riskiest behaviors with the possibility of the most dangerous outcomes.

And as spring/summer is upon us and you may have more guests visiting, make sure you are informed about how the gate works. 95% of the issues at the gate are because a member has not educated a Guest/Contractor, etc how the gate works.  Three years later we are still finding members that do not know their four-digit code!  

3/1/21    Strange truck reported at 14XX Sequoya, advised to call CCSD

  • 3/2/21    Check Silent tornado alarm at Cove 5
  • 3/4/21    Vandalism to Tree Trimming machine. They had parked on Hickory, told Asphlund to park across from CommunityCenter
  • 3/7/21    Report of young gal cussing out members at the gate because they would not let her in.
  • 3/8/21    Report of Novus Landscaping Truck driving excessive speeds.
  • 3/8/21    Stolen cable at the bottom of the dam.  Made a report with CCSD
  • 3/8/21    PT Cruiser – suspicious behavior.  License plate given to CCSD, they returned the call – have found the person and talked with them.
  • 3/8/21    Report of blowing leaves into the lake on Squaw. Not found when got there.  
  • 3/15/21. Staff meeting.
  • 3/16/21. Dead bird at the spillway.  Conservation called out, was not an eagle.
  • 3/18/21. Member reported a car piggybacking onto him – footage watched next day, the member had an RFID.
  • 3/20/21. A boat without stickers, father went to the office and bought stickers.
  • 3/22/21. Three dogs running without collars at Cove 9 bridge.  Two black and white and smaller tan/white.
  • 3/22/21. 9XX Lakeshore – no side-by-side sticker.   Citation.
  • 3/24/21. Trash at the corner of Pawnee and Sequoya
  • 3/24/21. Lot #10XX no side-by-side sticker.  Citation
  • 3/25/21. Install the dashcam in the security vehicle
  • 3/25/21. Report that Amerigas left the street muddy from delivering gas on Oak Street.
  • 3/27/21. Non-member with no member/guest card fishing – was escorted out of Indian Hills.

Mary Beth Huffman, Security Chair

Joe Modray and Doug Bare