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October 7, 2021
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October 12, 2021
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Security Update

The information below was provided by Robert Dixon ILPOA President and Security Committee Chairman, If you have any questions regarding the information below you can email Robert at

During our 10/09/21 ILPOA Annual Meeting, the topic of neighborhood security was repeatedly questioned and discussed. I appreciate every single comment and question. Security within our community, whether that be on or off the water is very important to both the Board and our members at large.

As noted during the 10/0921 Annual Meeting, our ILPOA is partnering with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department for the benefit of our community. At this time, the partnership has three main pillars….1) increased patrolling of our community, 2) the re-establishment of an ILPOA neighborhood watch, and 3) the establishment of a CCSD sub-station within our community.

The establishment of a CCSD sub-station has created a certain amount of controversy, perhaps in part to a potential misconception. While it will take time and experience to validate the extent of time that the desired CCSD is occupied by members of the CCSD, I believe that it is safe to say that time will be measured in “minutes per day” and not in “hours per day.”  Furthermore, the sub-station is not intended to disrupt nor interfere with community schedules, activities, meetings, etc etc. As stated in the Annual Meeting, the establishment of CCSD in our community is priority #1.  The exact location of the sub-station tomorrow, next month, or next year is a distant secondary priority. The Board has received numerous comments relative to priorities #1 and #2.  The commentary on priority #1 is overwhelmingly supportive while the commentary on priority #2 is overwhelmingly mixed. The banner over-hanging the library was not meant to designate the location of the soon-to-be-established sub-station but was purposefully intended to draw attention to the concept of a CCSD sub-station within our community.  Based on the level of conversation regarding the concept, I believe that the banner has and will continue to serve its purpose. Please, if you have any comments or questions regarding the establishment of a CCSD sub-station in our community, feel free to express yourself in an email addressed to me.

Water safety is a concern to us all.  As a Board, we have the responsibility to set proper water safety rules and regulations, educate our members and guests on those rules and regulations, and then enforce compliance to those rules and regulations, all within the confines of limited resources. All of the water safety issues heard and discussed on Saturday, October 9th at our ILPOA will be further discussed by the Board with appropriate action plans developed. We wish to thank the Booster Club for supporting our ILPOA water safety efforts with a recent infusion of budgetary assistance. As with the above offer relative to the establishment of the CCSD sub-station, please feel free to express your water safety concerns in an email addressed to me.

Thank you

R C Dixon

President of ILPOA

Chair of ILPOA Security Committee