Security Gate Outage Update (12/10/20)

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December 2, 2020
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December 15, 2020
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Security Gate Outage Update (12/10/20)

Member Communication: Entrance Gate Arms

As many of you already know, the entrance guest gate arm is out of service.  The reason for the outage is due to a defective circuit board.  Our vendor, Birdsong, has already been out to assess the situation, identify the problem, and have ordered the part. 

Unfortunately, COVID has impacted our vendors getting their parts/supplies for the manufacturers and delayed deliveries.  The gate arms will remain open until the repair is completed. 

We appreciate the patience of our members as this repair has been out of our control.  We will however update you again as soon as we know when the part has been received and can be installed.  If you have any questions you can send an email to

ILPOA Security

Security Gate History

In 2016, the board realized that we would no longer be able to afford to have gate guards without the ability to raise the dues.  A financial campaign asked for donations to help that year.  Although it helped – it fell short of what was needed and was not a long-term solution. 

To staff the gate full time would cost the following. 365 days x 24 hours a day x $14/hr x 20% payroll taxes/etc.= $147,168/year.  That is over 40% of what we take in as an Association a year.  

ILPOA Gate Committee – We formed a gate committee of members to help with the gate decisions.  We signed a contract with All Type Fence by the end of ‘16.  The gate was complete and went into commission in the spring of 2017.  As a result of payroll savings with the implementation of the gate system the gate “broke even” on September 18.

Problems with All-Type Fence – we had numerous problems off and on with the gate between 2017-2019.  Enough so that we have filed suit against All Type Fence.  The lawsuit resolution has been delayed due to the impact of COVID on the court systems.

ILPOA Leads Effort to Resolve Gate Issues – In 2019, Board Member Pat Leahy began working with Door King (Manufacturer) directly.  Door King, Pat, and Mark McLean finally got the gate working as it should have been.  We also added a gate arm at the exit to prevent the bad guys from going in the out.  The sliding gates and gate arms are in operation late evening to early morning and then we use only the gate arms during the day. 

On-going Gate Support – We currently work with a company, Birdsong for repair and maintenance services.  Since the bugs were worked out in ‘19, this is the first gate outage that was not vandalism.

We take in +$11,200 a year from selling extra cards to members and vendor cards.  That money is what is used to cover any of the problems/maintenance needed each year.

In summary Payroll savings paid for the gate and the sale of Gate Card cover repairs/maintenance!  And we all agree that a gate is needed to not only cut down on crime but to keep our community private.