Security Department Update (January 2021)

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January 17, 2021
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January 17, 2021
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Security Department Update (January 2021)

The information below was provided by Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA Security Department Chair. If you have any questions you can send an email to


The members submitted and approved a rule for 2021 that requires a sticker be purchased for $25 annual for any golf cart, ATV, ORTVs, 4 Wheelers, 3 Wheelers, UTVs, Motor Bikes, and Side by Sides, to be displayed on the rear of the vehicle. 

This rule is going to be enforced (along with 3” high lot numbers required to be on the vehicle) starting March 1.  Citations, Fines, and Suspensions per section 12 will be handed out freely this year.  Stickers are due in the office or on or around February 15. 

Some members allow their guests to bring their above type vehicles for a weekend, or they have guests visit them in those vehicles.   These guests are also required to have the stickers.  It is a member’s responsibility to buy the stickers (or see that they are bought by the guest).  As our office is not open every single weekend, please review the calendar on the website and make sure you plan and get the stickers before you or your guests need them.


I am the biggest dog lover you will find, but the issues out here are ridiculous-I spend an inordinate time dealing with dogs not contained or on leashes.  Plain and simple, Rules and Regulations Section 11.A.1 “no Member owning or harboring a dog or cat within Indian Hills Subdivision will allow such animal to run at large.  For this rule, the term “at large” is defined as off the premises of the owner, when not under the control by a leash of the owner or a person over the age of twelve (12) years.”  We have folks whose “nice” dogs are constantly allowed to run free all over the lake-they mess in Members yards, they get other dogs (who are contained like they should be) all excited, etc.  We’ve had issues with PARVO.  We have folks whose “not so nice” dogs are running free and aggressively chasing vehicles and people.  We have had 2 dog bites in the last year. 

We have no Animal Control in Indian Hills or Crawford County.  The Animal Control you may have seen is based in Cuba and we are not in the city limits of Cuba so they cannot service Indian Hills.  Our security is NOT TRAINED for and will not deal with picking up pets.  (There was a time LONG ago that we had a small area for stray dogs – and folks paid a fee to get their impounded pets back.   We no longer, we do not have the resources and nor can we accept the liability). 

What we can do is send citations – and we do!   With 3 citations we can suspend membership and make a member NOT IN GOOD STANDING.  And we are going to begin charging FINES per Section 12 of our rules and regulations.

What can you do?  When you come across a dog not on a leash, please snap a picture, get a description, when/where it is – as much information as possible.  If you know where it came from, who’s dog it is, etc.  BUT DO NOT PUT YOURSELF AT RISK.  Then email that information to and/or the office at

December Incidents

12/4/20    Early morning.  Police reported to IH regarding possible theft of material from pickup truck off of Pawnee.  Authorities Investigating

12/4/20    Morning.  Fire at a house on Squaw.  Authorities Investigating

12/7/20    Cove 9 Bridge Closed.  All closed from Big Bear to Itawamba

12/8/20    New roving patrol employee training

12/9/20    Member did not stop at exit gate/wiped out arm.

12/10/20    Member called about possible prowler on Hickory.  Advised to call the police.

12/13/20    Call about an abandoned car in the ditch in front of the water company.  In the meantime, received many calls regarding a gentleman wandering the subdivision.   The gentleman was escorted out of IH.  CCSD responded towed the car, escorted the man now on DD to Steelville.

12/14/20    Dead animal on IH North Drive, Maintenance called.  Big Bear now closed to traffic due to Bridge Building

12/14/20    Vehicles on the dam – stargazing

12/19/20    Member/vehicle with a toddler trespassing in the Cove 9 construction area.  Told them to leave.

12/19/20    Dog with plastic head shield running loose, dog back at home.

12/25/20    Two cars ran stop sign at White Hawk/Dark Cloud

12/28/20    Suspicious person at 22xx Lakeshore – CCSD called. 

The construction area from Big Bear to Itawamba is CLOSED to members – whether on foot, on a bike, on a cart, or driving a car.  There are multiple reasons for this.  #1 is SAFETY.  #2 – Insurance.  #3 – this is the designated area for the Contactors lay-down area-no members should be near any materials or equipment of the contractor.  Citations will be issued for any members trespassing in the construction area.  If a member wants to see the progress closer, they can contact the bridge committee at, we’d be happy to schedule a time. Also, many pictures are being posted on social media sites and our website so that members can see the progress and have no reason to be in the area.


“I received a Citation/Notice about No Permit, Letter, etc – “The Board” is picking on me and the board is turning their heads on their “buddies”

This community was built on principles and rules that the entire community, collectively voted on and passed.  While the board is there to enforce the rules in the interest of the community, it does not seek to individualize or make examples of specific people.  If you, as an owner in the community,  received a letter,  notice, or citation it is because you are in violation of the rules. 

Please remember the following about our community:

*On average, our roving patrol works 2-3 hours a day, sometimes less in the winter, more in the summer.  Their duties are a combination of responding to member’s phone calls and patrolling the lake community.  If they find a member’s complaint of a rule infraction to be legitimate, or if they witness an infraction, they will submit a report and a letter, notice or citation will be sent to the member. 

*Our board is made up of 9 VOLUNTEER members.  The role of a board member is not to travel the community looking for violations.  Just like other members, they want to enjoy their time at the lake.   However, if a board member observes a rule infraction in the community, they will report and send a citation. 

*We rely heavily on our members to report rule infractions.  Most notification of member violations come from members.  These are then followed up by security to confirm legitimacy.   Please remember you must be a member in good standing to file complaints or report violations.

*Although the board does its best to communicate and make known the rules and regulations of our community (rules can be accessed easily on the ILPOA website), most members have not educated themselves on the specifics.  Members must understand the rules, regulations, citations, etc.  Do not rely on hearsay.

*Some rules have been deemed unenforceable by our legal counsel throughout the years.  Over the last several years, ILPOA has appointed a rules committee to ensure that any rule change submission is legal AND enforceable BEFORE it is added to the ballot for a vote.

*Citation information is kept private.  Member citations, violations, etc are not made public and shared with other members.  Your report/complaint may have already been dealt with. 

What can you do? 

*If you see an infraction of the Rules/ByLaws/BUR/Building Code you can 1) call Security (573 259-3700) or 2) email the office at or the Security Chair  Again, you will be asked your name and address to ensure you are a member.  Only security will have your name, and will not share your information or that you shared an infraction. 

Note:  Do NOT call security for any illegal activity,  potential robberies, fires, domestics, etc.  CALL 911.  Security is only for IH infractions.

*To be better prepared, cite the rule infraction/violation when reporting  (I.e. section 11.A.1 deals with dogs off-leash) *Be as thorough as possible.  Record the scenario, address, boat/cart-with lot number, etc.  Most importantly, please send pictures if you can.

Each year, our security team’s availability is constrained due to budget shortfalls, wouldn’t it be nice if our members could just abide by the rules! 

LASTLY, as you heard in the quarterly meeting, there are five initiatives for the 2021 Board.  One of those is Safety.  What this entails thus far is Road Safety, Water Safety, and Miscellaneous.  I have been working with a volunteer, Doug Bare – and we would certainly appreciate any other help we can get to help in this area!  Please contact me at

Road Safety:  We are looking at ways to slow the traffic down, whether it be cars or carts, etc.    Speed bumps, speed humps, drive around, etc.  Minors operating carts, etc. 

Water Safety:   Some water safety classes, members understanding rules, etc.

Miscellaneous:  Dogs, Dogs, Dogs! 

Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA Security Chair