Roads & Maintenance Update – Entrance Road

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August 25, 2019
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August 28, 2019
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Roads & Maintenance Update – Entrance Road

We have received numerous positive comments regarding the work recently completed on the exit road.  In addition, many of our members indicated they were anxious for us to complete the work with our entrance road.  Our entrance and exit roads are the heaviest use roads in our community in addition to being the first impression to everyone who comes to Indian Lakes.

After much work preparing, planning and coordinating with vendors we are pleased to announce to our community that we are ready to begin the second phase of the project with our entrance road.  This second phase is scheduled to take 4 – 6 weeks with the understanding that weather could impact the planned schedule.  We will do our best to minimize inconveniencing our members, guests and vendor, but we will need your patience. 

At the end of the project we will have not only addressed the deteriorating entrance and exit roads that receive the highest traffic in our community, but also addressed the following as part of this project:

  • Improved traffic flow for people entering the community
  • Better parking for members, guests and vendors going to the ILPOA Office
  • Improved access to the ILPOA Office septic system (currently under roadway)
  • Replace water pipe into the ILPOA Office (currently cannot drink the water in the office)
  • Replace failing culvert pipe at the entrance at DD
  • Eliminate exposed conduit used for Gate Security
  • Landscaping our entrance

Here is a brief description of the sub-phases associated with 2nd phase of our exit / entrance project and the projected timelines:

  • Parking Lot / Entrance Road (projected: 10 – 12 working days depending on weather):  we will be removing the asphalt, installing curbing around a green space island where we will locate the propane and septic tank.  In addition, at the tip of newly created island we will relocate the Member Directory allowing for a U-turn lane in the event that a guest or vendor cannot reach a member.  After this work is complete the gate company will remove the gate arm and gate directory so work on the pavement can begin as part of the second sub-phase.
    • Impact: people visiting the ILPOA Office will need to use parking on exit road side of the office.
    • Impact: Significantly reduce the traffic back-up and improve traffic flow by allowing people exit the guest lane when they cannot reach the member to remotely open the gate.
  • Guest Lane / Culvert Pipe / Gate Work (projected 7 – 11 working days depending on weather): during this sub-phase we will be removing the member side lane from DD through approximately 30’ past the guard shack in order to create a solid pavement base and allow for gate loops to be placed in concrete.  No conduit will be exposed going forward around the newly created island or around the gate.  The culvert pipe at DD will be replaced during this sub-phase.   Concrete will be laid for Guest Lane from DD through to 30’ past the guard shack.
    • Impact: Entrance Gate/Gate Arm will be open
    • Impact: Improve entrance road pavement that can be maintained and last well into the future.
    • Impact: Putting gate loops in concrete will significantly improve the reliability of our gate operation.
  • Member Lane (projected 7 – 11 working days depending on weather): Removal of Member side road, creating new pavement base and laying new concrete.
    • Impact: Entrance Gate/Gate Arm will be open
    • Impact: Improve entrance road pavement that can be maintained and last well into the future.
  • Reinstall Gate Arms and Member Directory (projected 2 – 5 working days depending on the weather):  The gate company will reinstall the entrance lane guest arms and member directory
    • Impact: entrance lanes and entrance gate / gate arms will be in service again.
  • Beautification of Gate Entrance (this will require volunteer support): this sub-phase will address what many of our members have requested which is the landscaping/beautification of the entrance area and around the gates.

It is because of the support and forward looking of our community that makes the second phase of this project possible.  This first impression of our community will be something we all can be proud.  We want to recognize Pat Leahy (BOD), John Richmond (BOD Chair Roads & Maintenance, Matt Eaton (Roads & Maintenance Supervisor) and Mark McLean (ILPOA President) who have committed countless hours away from their families to plan and execute this improvement project. Thank you for your continued commitment to Indian Hills and support for improving our community.