Roads & Maintenance Update (9/30/20)

Building Permits Update (9/30/20)
September 30, 2020
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September 30, 2020
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Roads & Maintenance Update (9/30/20)

The Roads & Maintenance update was provided by Gary Campbell, Chairman Roads and Maintenance. If you have any questions for Gary you can email him at

I have been busy this month with:

  • Arranged for Salt delivery in late October to avoid the rush. I was able to negotiate a small reduction in delivery price over what we paid last year. Should save us approximately $500 based on last year’s consumption.
  • Mary Beth, Joe Modray and I met with Jay Favor, Director and Terry Merritt, Vice President, Central States Water Resources to negotiate a continuation of the current agreement between Indian Lake Property Owners Association (ILPOA) and Indian Hills Utility Operating Company (IHUOC). Contract to be extended another 3 years.
  • Hay bales have all been removed from the dam except 4 that got shoved over the edge. Letter has been sent requesting the remainder be removed by Sept 5. That deadline has been passed, so Maintenance will be removing and the individual to whom they belong will be billed for out costs.
  • Have had fewer gate issues this past month

The guys have continued to do a fantastic job of staying on top of things despite being short one man all month. My hats off to Joe, Walt and Matt. They have continued to stay on top of the normal maintenance activities: grass cutting, trimming, pot holes and repairing our aging equipment.

In addition to the normal activities, the guys have been busy with:

  • Equipment repairs to brush hog, lawn movers, white Ford truck (4 days), Backhoe, Kubota tractor, skid loader, etc Brush hog finally gave up the ghost – can’t find parts for it because of its age. This is becoming an issue for much of older equipment we currently have.
  • Pushed tree off lone wolf.
  • The guys have retrieved stray buoys and have placed additional buoys according to the current approved plan. Anyone caught moving buoys other than Maintenance or Lakes & Dam personnel will receive a citation.
  • Maintenance has cut/trimmed trees and brush along some roadways and at Cove 7 bridge
  • Installed cable at Community center to prevent 4-wheeling on the beach. All motor vehicles are specifically prohibited from being on property beyond the parking areas and community center extending down to the beach.
  • Sprayed weeds/grass in various community areas.
  • Fixed cable at the top of dam.
  • Periodically raked beach
  • Picking up branches blown down by the wind
  • Moved electric and Installed backsplash behind grills at community center.
  • Dug out brush on the spillway
  • Drug the beach to keep it looking good & free of Goose poop.

Booster Club approved and paid $4,405.83 toward repairs on the lawn mowers, skid loader, 97 Chev truck, skid steer, and asphalt cold patch. Additionally, they approved $4,000 toward a transmission overhaul on the skid loader.

The Men’s club paid $352 for the stainless-steel backsplash for the community center.