Recent Fish Kill During 4th of July Weekend

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July 9, 2021
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July 16, 2021
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Recent Fish Kill During 4th of July Weekend

During the Quarterly Member Meeting on July 10th, I summarized a telephone conversation that I had with Rob Pulliam at the MO Department of Conservation regarding the fish kill that we suffered on the 4th of July holiday. Today I am sharing a summary of the correspondence that I received from our partners at MO Conservation.

Fish Kill:

  • The most probably cause of your fish kill was caused by toxic gasses (hydrogen sulfide/methane) that was released from the lake’s sediment after the recent heavy rains beginning on about June 26th.  When I had asked if you noticed any water odor changes, specifically like rotten eggs or sewer gas, you said yes.  This is hydrogen sulfide/methane gasses which are produced by bacteria in the sediment decomposing organic matter.  On occasions, heavy cold rains during the summer can enter impoundments and stir up the sediment and water which can release these toxic gasses resulting in a fish kill.
  • Although the algae report indicated algae related toxins were present in Indian Hills Lake during their testing, the concentrations at that time would not be considered lethal for fish; nor, contribute to a fish kill.  Steffanie Able, Missouri Department of Conservation Resource Scientist, interpreted the report and made this observation.

I hope you and your members find this information helpful in understanding the most probable cause of the fish kill at Indian Hills lake.  If you have any further questions about your fish kill please feel free to contact me. 


Rob Pulliam, Fisheries Management Biologist