President’s Update (9/30/20)

Treasurer’s Update (9/30/20)
September 30, 2020
October 2, 2020
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President’s Update (9/30/20)

The update below was provided by ILPOA President, Mary Beth Huffman. If you have any questions you can contact Mary Beth at

Happy Fall!

Bids were taken on the Cove 9 Bridge project September 24.  Four contractors presented bids.  Cochran Engineering, along with our Bridge Committee are evaluating the bids.  We hope to be writing a contract in the next few weeks with the successful bidder.  Please review the Bridge Committee Update to catch up on the details.  Make sure if you pull your boat out for the winter that it happens by October 1.  We have another unknown that will be evaluated when the water is lowered – that is an inspection of the valve box at the spillway.  There very well could be work needed there. 

It’s election time.  We have an outstanding group of members that are running for the board, in addition to some potential by-law/rules and regulation changes.  Looks like a drama-free year!  The current schedule is to get the ballots out on October 21 and an Election Day of November 18.  Thank you to Marsha Schramm for taking the lead on the Election.  Her and Kathy Kamper and Jackie Koyn, along with Michelle Cason do an excellent job of Elections.  We hope that more folks become more involved and VOTE!   Please make plans to view the MEET THE CANDIDATES on October 10th virtually.  Details will follow soon.  Thank you to the Booster Club for footing the bill for the equipment needed for our Virtual Meeting.  We are looking for more and more folks to be able to view the meetings and hopefully this will be successful and will be something we can do with future meetings. 

A couple of reminders of issues we are having problems with lately:  Our BUR Section 9 says that there are various areas and services reserved for the use of the property owners.  The Logging Area is NOT one of those areas.  We will remove any hunting equipment found in that area.  Also, we are experiencing some issues with folks using campers……again, please abide by our BUR.  Anytime you are building a new, or replacing a dock – the BUR requires a permit for anything extending into the lake.  Only two separate structures may be erected on a property (Review both the BUR and the Building Code for rules and exceptions)

We filed suit for a nuisance/delinquent owner.  Follow 20CF-CC00058 on Casenet for information.  We NEED the delinquent funds owed to us and are going to become more aggressive to collect those amounts (& to go after nuisance owners).  Unfortunately that means we will have to spend money to get the money, but we are running out of options….

Want to mention the two events last month sponsored by the Booster Club.  The movie night and First Responder Parade and BBQ were fabulous!  Both were COVID friendly events and brought so many neighbors out!  Pictures of both found on the Social Media sites. 

Mary Beth Huffman

President – ILPOA