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June 1, 2022
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Post Memorial Day Followups

How old do you need to be to operate a motorized watercraft at Indian Lake?


3. Members are urged to be sure youngsters do not operate any motorized watercraft                 unless legally qualified or under adult supervision. No one under the age of fourteen                (14) shall operate any motorized watercraft. Proof of age may be requested by Water               Patrol.

Water Patrol will be asking for proof of age and the best way to provide proof of age is your Drivers License or a Missouri Boaters License.

Who needs a Boaters License in Missouri?

Missouri’s Boater Education Law went into effect January 1, 2005. The law states that any person born after January 1, 1984 must successfully pass a Missouri Boater Education class/test before operating any motorized vessel ON THE LAKES OF THE STATE.

How Do I Get a Missouri Boaters License?

You can take the course online at for $40.  Once you pass the test your will received your boaters license within 45 days but you can also print your certificate and use it until you receive the license.

It is each member’s responsibility to ensure their guests understand ILPOA Boating Rules and Regulations.  This year each member was provided with a laminated copy of our boating rules and regulations for each watercraft that they owned.  Use this copy to review the rules with your guests and then keep it on the watercraft as a reminder.

Here is what Water Patrol observed this past holiday weekend:

  • PWCs Not Aware of Other Watercraft: PWCs were cutting in front of the path of another boat, cutting across another boat’s wake, and making hard-cut turns and circles (donuts).  This creates a dangerous situation for other boaters because they do not have a clue what the PWC is doing or going and how to keep a safe distance between watercraft.  This is even more dangerous when there is heavy traffic on the lake like it was on Memorial Day weekend.  If observed, Water Patrol will issue a citation and/or fine to the owner of the watercraft.
  • 100’ Rule from Shoreline Not Being Observed:  Too many times we saw boaters and skiers coming within 25’ of a dock and nearby swimmers.  Again, if this is observed by Water Patrol you will receive a citation and/or fine.  Not only is this dangerous but it creates an excessive wake that could damage docks and shorelines.
  • No Wake Times: I am always amazed that even though No Wake time is 7 p.m. during boating season we still have people starting early before 10 a.m. or continuing at wake speed after 7 p.m.  It may seem trivial that you started making a wake or skiing at 9: 52 a.m.  Unfortunately when you do it then other people think it is OK too.  On Sunday I had to send Water Patrol back out on the lake to run their siren because numerous people were not observing No Wake times.  Again, if observed, you will receive a citation and/or fine.
  • Missing Boat Stickers and Lot #s: This year we kept the office open later on Friday to allow those coming down for the weekend to be able to pay their dues and get their boat stickers.  The Office was again open on  Saturday giving everyone adequate time to get their stickers and place them on their watercraft before launching watercraft on the lake.  If you do not have your sticker(s) and lot #s on your watercraft Water Patrol will issues you a citation.  No warnings this year.

The last thing anyone of us wants is to have someone hurt.  If we follow the rules everyone will have the opportunity to have fun on the lake.  It was a beautiful holiday weekend as we took advantage of the beautiful weather, enjoyed the Men’s Club Pancake Breakfast, and participated in the Blessing of the Boats (the line of boats was very long).,  Cars were lining driveways signaling that we had a great number of guests this past weekend.

Please keep in mind these reminders each week as you enjoy our beautiful facilities and use the lake.  It was so great to see so many of you and share a wave as we drove around the community.  Thanks for taking the time to review these observations from this past weekend.

ILPOA Security Committee & Water Patrol