Nuisance Property Update

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June 30, 2021
Maintenance Update
June 30, 2021
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Nuisance Property Update

Nuisance Department

We had a serious issue this past month with a continuous issue. LOOSE DOGS.

This time it resulted in a dog bite on a member. Please understand that if your pet or your guest’s pet attacks or provokes anyone YOU will be held accountable and citations will be issued. If a dog attacks anyone in any way, notify the Crawford County Sheriff Department immediately or call 911.  Use a leash or keep your pets secured.

There has been some movement with a few of our problem properties. Some are being sold and others are cleaning up. We hope to see real progress very soon. To those who are making improvements, thank you for cooperating and making our neighborhood better for all of us.

Finally, there have been a few issues with the misuse of association-owned properties. There will be no “self-constructed” work of any kind done on community properties. Public boat launches, leased & day-use docks are clearly marked and the only ones to be used. Dock construction will not be allowed at any public use area without prior authorization.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Tom McClard, Nuisance Chair