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February 20, 2023
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February 24, 2023
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Member-Only Lot Purchasing Opportunity

Your Board of Directors is proud to announce a special purchasing opportunity for all members in good standing.  Starting February 22, 2023, we are pleased to offer for a special sale, twenty-three (23) lots within our community at a price of $5,000 per lot. Details are below:

  • Offer ONLY available to a current member (currently on Title or Deed).
  • Member must be in good standing.
  • Purchase price for any of the below listed lots is $5,000 (Cashier’s Check/Money Order/Check).
  • Buyer of lot will be determined by the first person submitting payment.
  • If awarded a lot, title must include name of least one member in good standing.
  • There is no limit on number of lots purchased, as long as you meet all the other requirements.
  • It is STRONGLY encouraged that you have a Title Search/Insurance for any property.  The cost of this search/Insurance is your responsibility.
  • This special sale will end May 1, 2023.  At that time we will determine our next course of action, including potentially public sale.
  • ALL proceeds (less any potential legal costs) from the sale will be given to the Lake Restoration committee.
  • Buyer is responsible for recording the Deed and all associated costs for the recording to Crawford County. Deeds in most cases, can be completed/Notarized by ILPOA.

The below chart explains the “potential” impact of purchasing one of these lots:

* Refer to Rules & regulations (boats) regarding specific requirements,

** For any future potential Assessment.

If you have any questions, please send an email to


LOT #                                                                 LOT ADDRESS

0998                                                                       2117 Lone Wolf

0710                                                                       1011 White Hawk

1286                                                                       2473 San Chez

0389                                                                       261 Dogwood

1451                                                                       1117 Pawnee

1452                                                                       1119 Pawnee

1467                                                                       1149 Pawnee

0982                                                                       2141 White Fawn

1682                                                                       2612 Seminole/Alleghany

1282                                                                       2465 San Chez

1783                                                                       2464 San Chez

0258                                                                       15 Indian Hills Dr.

0259                                                                       11 Indian Hills Dr.

0343                                                                       127 Hickory

0494                                                                       625 Lakeshore Dr.

0495                                                                       621 Lakeshore Dr.

0812                                                                       1051 White Hawk

1038                                                                       2057 Lakeshore

0328                                                                       177 Hickory

0326                                                                       185 Hickory

0186                                                                       336 Hickory

1422                                                                       1436 Sequoya

1423                                                                       1438 Sequoya

Questions & Answers:

  • Will Taxes and Association Dues be pro-rated?
    • No. Purchaser is responsible for 2023 Taxes and dues.  Any association fees/dues are required at time of sale.
  • What if I want a title search performed on the lot?  How will that work?
    • If buyer wishes a have a Title search performed (at their expense), a deposit of $500 (Check) will be required. If no issues are discovered during the search, the deposit will be deducted from the total amount owed. If the Title work is unsatisfactory, the deposit will be returned if a timely solution cannot be resolved.
    • Buyer will have three (3) weeks to complete their title search (from time of deposit) at which time, the lot MAY be released for sale.
  • Does the Association have the right to sell these lots without membership approval?
    • Membership approval is only required for sale/lease of common ground. These lots are not common ground.
  • How much does a title search cost and where can I get one?
    • A title search can be performed by the title company of the buyer’s choosing. The title company can provide an estimate of the cost for the search, as well as title insurance.
  • Where do I go to record a title?
    • Crawford County Recorder of deeds, located at 302 Main St, Steelville, MO. 65565