Roads & Maintenance Update: May 2020

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April 16, 2020
President’s Update – May 2020
April 17, 2020

The following update was provided by Gary Campbell, ILPOA Chair Roads & Maintenance. You can reach Gary at

Another month has gone by. This past month has been crazier than a roller coaster gone off the rails. I pray everyone continues to be safe and no-one has had to endure the loss of a friend or loved one.

The maintenance dept has once again been very busy. Before COVID-19 hit, the focus was trying to get things done prior to the return of seasonal traffic. Well, needless to say, our game plan has changed. We will be working more toward maintaining the common grounds, potholes, etc and maybe being able to work in a few other odd jobs (Such as re-cabling the rails along the dam, fixing the tennis courts, developing a pickleball court, etc).

In addition, we lost Matt to medical complications, so we are operating a short one. Joe Modray and Walt Koyn are coordinating things. Walt has already been out trying to keep up with grass cutting in our common areas and the guys have dressed up the beach and the dam ready for the warm weather. It really looks nice. I’d tell you to give them a pat on the back, but don’t forget social distancing. You will just have to do it virtually.

The boards were installed at the dam to raise levels and repairs have been made to many of the docks. If we missed any spots, let us know via a work request.  You can get that form on the website at

The guys have also been busy on a number of projects over the past month including:

  • Equipment repairs and maintenance
  • The ongoing battle with potholes, people crashing the gate, etc
  • Pouring concrete for buoy anchors
  • Getting the donated speed boat ready for the summer season
  • Rerouted the venting and moved the griddles at the community center to improve efficiencies.
  • Installed posts and cabling to inhibit access to 4-wheelers trying to access the back of the dam. 4-wheeling and hill-climbing on the back of the dam is specifically prohibited!!
  • Installed 3 new culverts (Have a large number that is rusting out and are in need of replacement.
  • Cleaned association culverts. A reminder to check your culverts and clean out as needed!
  • Cleaned the grate at the Dam
  • Adjusted cameras at the gate

Pending projects include:

  • Potholes
  • Culvert replacement as weather, finances and normal summer maintenance requirements allow.
  • Tennis court repair and conversion of one court to a pickleball court.
  • Install buoys, again, when the weather warms up a bit

I know most of us are practicing this thing called social-distancing, but even when we get by this COVID-19 issue I am asking your help in not approaching the guys and engaging in conversation.  They have been told this is not an authorized activity while on the clock. With limited manpower and financial resources, we can’t afford that luxury.

Thanks for your continued support. Stay safe!!