Maintenance Update (March)

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March 28, 2021
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April 6, 2021
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Maintenance Update (March)

The following Maintenance Report was provided by Mary Beth Huffman (ILPOA Maintenance Chair). If you have any questions regarding Maintenance you can email Mary Beth at

We were good with the weather – up until February.  Luckily, the bridge was complete when the cold, snowy, icy weather hit.  Un-luckily, the 30+-year-old snowplow on the white truck died, and we were forced to buy a new one.  We are fortunate to have Joe Modray and Matt Eaton who were able to install the new equipment in a quick manner so that we were ready to go when the harshest weather hit Indian Hills.  They are also the two that were out there all hours of the day and night so that our residents could get out of the subdivision, thank you!  There were a few storms where the temperatures were too cold for the salt to work at all, so all we could do was plow, leaving a bit of snow over the ice for some traction.  All in all, there were only a few weeks of really extreme weather.  That left us time to repair some of the rental docks and other “winter” work.  We are currently gearing up for the spring/summer where most of our time is spent mowing.  Again, our ancient equipment needs a boost and we are forced to buy a new mower.  As we do every few years, we bid out the mowing work, but it is still cost-effective for our maintenance to do the work in-house. 

CRAWFORD ELECTRIC TREEE TRIMMING: You have probably noticed that Asphlund has been trimming trees for Crawford Electric.  A win-win for us.  In addition, they leave the mulch for us.  If anybody would like some of that mulch – for free! – just call the office and make an appointment.  You must have a trailer-type container, something that we can easily load you with our tractor.  No pick-ups, although we would entertain you loading a pickup yourself during maintenance hours.

MAINTENANCE AREA IS RESTRICTED: NO MEMBERS are to be in the maintenance area without an appointment.  Please do not engage our employees in conversation.  If you have an issue, you can email me or the office, or fill out a maintenance form.

The FLAGS have been installed around the lake.  As previously communicated:  RED: lake closed;  YELLOW: no wake; GREEN: IH hours as usual.

The valve at the spillway was closed as promised on March 15.  We’ve received some rain since so the lake is slowly rising.  A few good rains and we’ll be at full pool and ready for the summer. 


  • Valve Box, built a steel structure to install on top of the valve box to hold the boards in place. 
  • Set the Flags around the lake – States that lake is normal operations, no-wake or closed.
  • Replace light in Community Center
  • Bought/installed a new plow on the white truck.  Also installed our salt spreaders on the trucks.
  • Fill potholes
  • Salt and plow roads multiple times
  • Salt delivery
  • Fix water leak at office
  • Open the bridge, put barrels, etc up for safety *Support Birdsong at the gate by detouring traffic *Fix leaking window at the office
  • Repair soffit at community center patio *Pull forms from Cove #1 and Cove #9 ramp extensions *Removed debris from the beach due to wash-ups
  • Stained Cove 9 dock *Installed Floats under Cove 9 dock and New boards on the ramp to Dock *Met with LDS chairman to discuss buoys placement

Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA Maintenance Chair