Maintenance Update (February 2021)

President’s Update (February 2021)
February 15, 2021
ILPOA Office Update (February 2021)
February 15, 2021
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Maintenance Update (February 2021)

The following information was provided by Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA Maintenance Chair. If you have any questions please email Mary Beth at

Maintenance Activities
  • Repaired Cove 7 Washout – Gabion Wall, Culvert, Backfilling and Finishing
  • Set, Pour and Finish Concrete Ramp Extensions at Coves #1 and #9
  • Cove 5 – Met with Chief Plank regarding the Fire Hydrant.  Repaired the Fire Line.
  • Misc Road Pot Hole Patching
  • Cove 9 – Digout of material in the middle and Rental Docks.  Put fill in Cove 9.  
  • Pickup Trash Around Lake
  • Complete exterior siding at guard shack
  • Misc Electric Repair in Office
  • Repair Water Leak at Window at Office
  • Backfilled undermined Docks along Cove 9 Island
  • Replaced Hardware, Replaced the Wood at Rental Docks at Cove 9 Island
  • Salt Roads and Plow during Snow
  • Burn debris from lake at Cove 9
  • Repair Cove 5 Day Use Dock
  • Rock around Star Dock Boat Ramp
  • Service Equipment
  • Maintain Equipment
  • Clean Out Ditches
  • Install Flag System for Lake Status

The valve at the spillway will be closed on March 15.  

Just like the Members, maintenance was getting quite a bit of our “winter work” complete with the mild winter.  Especially “lake work” that only happens every fourth year.  Then the rain that brought the lake up to full pool – and now the snow.  Unfortunately, our 35-year-old snowplow on the red truck (our four-wheel-drive truck) shot craps last week.  We are lucky that Joe and Matt were able to install a new one just in time for this snow.   We also have another delivery of salt on the way.  Two expenses that we were not planning on, at least this year.

If you have an issue, please fill out a maintenance report or email me at Do not speak to our employees directly or go into the maintenance yard.

Mary Beth Huffman – Maintenance Chair