Litigation Update

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January 17, 2021
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January 27, 2021
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Litigation Update

Our Association has once again been served with a lawsuit from Dale Brunts and Jim and Sue O’Fallon.  This lawsuit outlining 166 points has specifically named as defendants our 2021 ILPOA Board Members and the following past Board Members; Gary Campbell, Koren McGinnis, Jeremy Huguet, and Pat Leahy.  A copy of the petition is attached.

As you may recall, we were sued in 2019 by these same people and the Association was able to get the case dismissed.  They appealed that judgment so our attorney fees and expenses for that lawsuit continue to increase.

So, what does this new lawsuit mean to our community?  Obviously, we will have to retain counsel to defend our association from this litigation which will result in more legal fees.  As a reminder, the current lawsuit that is under appeal has cost the community over $32,849 in legal fees.  The appeal is anticipated to accrue another $10k – $15k, putting us near $50k in total. 

After our attorney has reviewed the pleadings, we will update you all on the developments of the lawsuit so everyone understands what is happening.  Until then if you want to donate to the ILPOA Legal Fund let us know … we are going to need it!

Chris Pinaire, ILPOA Legal Chair Robert Dixon, ILPOA President