#letsbuildabridge Update 1/16/21

Water Leak at Entrance Road by ILPOA Office
January 14, 2021
January 17, 2021
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#letsbuildabridge Update 1/16/21


Our bridge project is moving into the last phase.  On Tuesday, January 12, the five concrete beams were placed on the two bents.  We have been extremely lucky thus far with weather and depth of water.  

Wayne Brenneke Construction is placing the rebar for the topping slab on top of those five beams.  When we have a window warm enough, the slab will be poured.  They are also working on backfilling and placing the rip rap under the bridge.  There are guard rails to set and the concrete approaches to pour.  

We are under budget and almost beyond the risk of having any unknowns thrown at us.  Brenneke has proven to be a quality, safe, efficient contractor.  Cochran has been with us along the way doing the inspections, shop drawings, concrete testing, etc.  

Bridge Committee

  • Brian Nisbet
  • John Oeltjen
  • Mike Dean
  • Gary Weber
  • Barry Alick
  • Mary Beth Huffman