Legal Update (February 2021)

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February 21, 2021
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February 22, 2021
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Legal Update (February 2021)

The information below was provided by Chris Pinaire, ILPOA Legal Chair. If you have questions for Chris you can email him at

Over the last few weeks, legal has been fairly active.  While there are 3 cases that have no update at this time (Brunts, Wideman, O’Fallon, Williams vs. ILPOA: SD 36800, ILPOA vs. All-Type Fence: 18CF-CC00071, Jim/Sue O’Fallon & Brunts  vs. ILPOA & several board members (past and present): 21CF-CC00002), there are other cases that have been settled. 

As the BOD had previously reported, the Association filed suit on two nuisance properties.  Both suits were settled in ILPOA’s favor and the members were issued permanent injunctions to clean up their properties.  You can see the results on Missouri Casenet.  The property on Dogwood is case 20CF-CC00058 and the property on Oak is case 20CF-CC00077.  We will be following up on those cases until there is significant improvement.

The BOD also voted to file suit on a guest of a renter who extensively damaged our gate in January of 2020.  We had hoped to file criminal charges, but with COVID the court system has been too slow, so we will be filing a civil suit.  The owner, the renter and the guest will all be named in the suit.  More details to come in the future on this.

Stay safe!  Hopefully this last week is the end of the cold winter temperatures.

Chris Pinaire

ILPOA Legal Chair