Lake Restoration Committee Update #3 (3/8/20)

Lake Restoration Committee Update 03/04/20
March 4, 2020
Indian Hills Clean-up Day, Saturday April 4th / 8 a.m.-Noon – CANCELLED
March 14, 2020
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Lake Restoration Committee Update #3 (3/8/20)

By now, hopefully you have had the opportunity to review the previous 2 informational videos explaining the situation we are facing with our lake’s health. The informational video included with this communication provides information on what needs to be considered when selecting a company to provide a solution. The Lake Restoration Committee has thoroughly investigated various options and carefully screened the ones considered finalists. was selected and we have followed up with several of their clients. Each reported extreme happiness with their approach, professionalism and timeliness of communication and test results.

Click on Link —-> Understand what to demand when specifying or assessing a proposed solution

In addition, the information in the attached document was requested to be posted to the Committee’s update as a result of their recent education sessions.

Lake Restoration Committee (