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Cove 9 Bridge
February 22, 2021
Exit Road Closure Thursday, February 25th
February 24, 2021
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Lake Restoration Committee News

The Board of Directors two years ago asked for volunteers to serve on a Lake Renovation Committee to assess the overall condition of the lake and make any suggestions if remedies were needed.  Several people volunteered and were joined by several board members.  The results of their approximate two-year study, costs, and due diligence have been shared openly on the ILPOA.ORG website. A letter was sent to the 1000 members of the ILPOA inviting them to an informational meeting.   The committee organized almost 40 zoom meetings to share the findings and recommendations–because of covid we were not able to meet in person.  The last three online meetings are scheduled next week–still time to sign up if interested.   The Board of Directors has supported the committees’ work.

Sis Bio is an international company, with USA offices at 827 Lincoln Ave, West Chester, Pa.  They are not registered with the  BBB, so they have no ratings, but there are also no complaints filed with the national BBB.

The Board of Directors/Committee has not received any other formal proposals for lake renovation.  We are willing to entertain any and all proposals.  Proposals are required to include all labor, materials, equipment, insurance, bond to complete the project.  Proposals must also include a detailed overall plan with scientific documentation, a schedule, and each company would be required to hold a valid business license, insurance and submit a performance bond.  We also require documentation of all experience and references.  As a clarification, The Board of Directors/Committee has no experience in lake renovation/restoration, nor do we have the resources to perform this setup work “in-house.”   The safety of our members and the health of our lake, the two most valuable assets we have, will be left to professionals.

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