Lake, Dam & Spillway Update: May 2020

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April 17, 2020
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April 17, 2020
The following Lake, Dam & Spillway update was provided by Dale Brunts, ILPOA Chair. If you have any questions regarding Lake, Dam & Spillway you can send an email to Dale at

This past month has been unlike any other as we are all trying to find a new normal. I’ve only had a few assignments that have been easily resolved. I’m sure ideas and improvements will ramp up as soon as our season starts.

At the Cove 1 Boat Ramp drop off a pole has been placed in the water to serve as a marker for boat entry and exit. A member will be placing a flag at the end of their dock for additional visual help in maneuvering at the boat ramp.

The buoys in Cove 6 will be moved to their proper places within the next few weeks.