Ladies Spring Luncheon, Roaring Twenties

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April 17, 2020
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April 24, 2020
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Ladies Spring Luncheon, Roaring Twenties

it is with a sad heart that I am writing this today. With all the unknowns we hear from day to day regarding the coronavirus it has been decided to postpone the Ladies Spring Luncheon into April of the next year 2021. It was a difficult decision to make because so many are looking forward to being able to have fun again with socializing, but a good friend told me if one life can be saved with this decision it is worth it. How true Laurie. Thank you for putting it into perspective for me. We will still do the roaring twenties theme, so hang on to your costumes. Now with that being said, those that already have tickets please disregard them. We will issue new tickets next year at the same price of $20.00.

If you need a refund for your ticket this year, please private message me and I will make that happen. Those that can leave it in the Ladies club funds as a donation, that would be gratefully appreciated. As you can imagine with the lack of fundraising events this spring and summer the ladies’ funds will be a little tight this year. Please encourage friends to buy tickets for next year. We will be adding more fun things to the luncheon as we have another year to plan. In closing, I want to wish you continued safety and health.

You are all in my prayers daily. May God Bless you All.

Thank You


P.S. stay tuned in February for tickets and additional plans for 2021 Spring Luncheon.