ILPOA Security Update: Security Incidents

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February 6, 2020
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February 15, 2020
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ILPOA Security Update: Security Incidents

Information below provided by Koren McGinnis, ILPOA Security Chair []

1/6         Found exit gate arm broke off between 9PM-10PM

1/7         Received call at 8:52PM that guest gate arm had been knocked down

1/11       Received call at 1:35AM that part of San Chez had been washed out causing a hole in the road that needed attention.

1/11       Received call at 7:47AM from CenCom explaining there was a structure fire making sure the gates were open for emergency personnel.

1/11       Received a call 3:57 PM that a member had property damage from another vehicle

1/13       Opened dam

1/15       Member stopped to tell security that a neighbor had made threats to him and that he had called CCSD.

1/18       Received phone call to report a red ford explorer was behind the dam.  CCSD was called.

1/19       Dam remained closed due to ice

1/19       Water leak at cove 1 causing road to cover with ice, salted the road

1/19       Received a call from a member in not good standing to let them in the gate because they forgot their card.

1/19       Received call at 2:23 PM from a member saying he saw on his security camera that his tie wall was on fire and if security could check it out.  Fire department was called.

1/27       A vehicle was obstructing the roadway by cove 9, a tow a way sticker was placed on the vehicle.

1/27       Received a call at 5:17 PM that a vehicle was driving by a member’s home very slowly.

1/28       Placed a tow-a-way sticker on a car that was parked at the office with no owner around.