Important Message from ILPOA Security Department

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July 7, 2022
July 20, 2022
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Important Message from ILPOA Security Department

Safety within our community, both on and off the water, is the main concern of the Board of Directors.  Towards that end, we have established a strong working relationship with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department (CCSD), opened up a “substation” for the CCSD within the community as well as established a Neighborhood Watch Program. On the water, we have established a “Zero Tolerance” for violation of lake rules, with more citations issued thus far in 2022 than all of 2021.  We have asked and received assistance from members to “Observe, Record, and Report” unusual activity within the community. 

While the front gate, when used properly, has significantly reduced the criminal element within our community, unfortunately, there is a small criminal element within our community.  Reports of stolen items from members’ docks and destruction of property (i.e. mailboxes) have taken place over the past few weeks.  While we are exploring every avenue to identify and hold accountable those people in violation of the law (including increasing camera coverage), we still rely on you, our members, to be the eyes and ears of the community.  If you see or suspect criminal activity taking place, we ask you to report the activity, with as much detailed information as possible, to the Crawford County Sheriff’s department.  Their number is (573) 775-3121.  If possible, a cell phone picture of the suspect or the vehicle would help tremendously, but please do not confront or potentially put yourself in harm’s way.  A house alarm or camera system would also greatly reduce the potential for criminal activities.

While the amount of criminal activity within our community is relatively small, it still exists and impacts all of us.  We appreciate your assistance, comments, and suggestions to minimize/eliminate it all together.  

ILPOA Security Department