Important Entry Gate Reminders

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June 3, 2022
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Important Entry Gate Reminders

Recently we had an incident where someone lent their gate card to someone who then used the card to let someone into the community who they did not know.  The situation required Crawford County Sheriffs Department (CCSD) to resolve once the person was allowed into the community.

Here are some critical reminders:

  1. If You Do Not Know the Person Do Not Open the Gate: I know we think we are doing the neighborly thing by letting in someone struggling at the directory.  Unfortunately, there will inevitably be that person who is let in with the best of intentions but is part of the criminal element.
  2. People Randomly Dial People from the Directory to Gain Entrance: It has been reported to the office numerous times (especially late at night) trying to get a hold of anyone who will let them through the gate. They will use the names of other members to try and scam you to let them in.  Just apologize that you cannot open the gate because you do not know them and hang up.
  3. You Are Responsible for Anyone you Let into the Community: If you let someone into the community and they violate any of ILPOA’s By-Laws, Rules & Regulations, etc. you will be cited for their actions and could also incur fines.
  4. Help Deter People from Piggybacking: As you pass the entry gate arm please pause to make sure the gate arm drops behind you before you continue into the community.

CCSD has told us on numerous occasions that our gate system works and has had a significant impact reduce crime in the community.  With the addition of our Neighborhood Watch program and the creation of our CCSD Substation in our community, as McGruff the Crime Dog would say “We’ve taken a bit out of crime”.

Our final reminder, if you see someone breaking our Rules and Regulations call Security.  For all other problems call the police or 911.  Thanks for your help and let us know if you want to be a part of the Neighborhood Watch program.

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