ILPOA President Update

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February 27, 2020
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March 4, 2020
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ILPOA President Update

February 27, 2020

The new board is getting settled into their positions. I appreciate all the board members who so generously donate their time and energy away from their families to work for the community.  We are also learning to bring in more members at large for not only their expertise and help (which they always are happy to jump in), but their fresh ideas as well.

Want to thank our maintenance crew who have been challenged by a lot of ice and snow this winter.   They are out with the plows and salt at all hours trying to get ahead of you having to get to out of the subdivision.  We were blessed again by the Booster Club who replaced our old salt spreader that finally shot craps.  The extra labor hours alone stretch our budget, so it is a huge help to have them step in with the equipment. 

We found a member who is an experienced beaver trapper that has helped us out immensely with our nuisance. The current count is 8!  We thank the neighbors who agreed to let us use their properties to trap.  This generous trapper has agreed to continue to help us through the year, we really appreciate his stepping up.

We have also had a group step up to manage the Community Center.  Jeanette Pittman is leading a group of volunteers that have already made a huge impact by a massive cleanup and clean out of the Community Center.  Among other things, they are combining all the supplies, scheduling the cleanings, coordinating rentals with the office, etc.  In addition, they are proposing a much needed revision to our rental policy – this will be out soon.  Our current policy does not even cover the costs when a member rents the hall.  The Community Center has been a perfect place for community activities, meetings, member parties, etc. it is nice to have a committee in front of the issues instead of the afterthought it sometimes gets to be. 

We have rescheduled our quarterly meeting with Crawford County Sheriff’s Department as it was cancelled for poor weather last month.  We will continue to work with them for both of our benefits.  Are you aware that perhaps approximately 10 residents in Indian Hills are responsible for way more than half of the share of our problems, whether it be gate issues, suspicious behavior, nuisances, domestic disputes, loose dogs, etc.?  Our gate policy and cameras are a huge help in feeding information to CCSD.  You also help!  Any suspicious behavior, please call 911 (remember, our security is for IH infractions, not criminal behavior).  Any strange gate issues – email our office at and provide as much info as you can, including time – as it helps to know when incidents happen when looking at the cameras.  Neighborhood Watch can also be a huge help – get to know your neighbors.  Know what isn’t right – know those neighbors to call and count on.

The dock rental is upcoming – that’s always a good indication SPRING is around the corner! 

Mary Beth Huffman (

President – ILPOA