ILPOA President Update (January 2021)

January 17, 2021
Security Department Update (January 2021)
January 17, 2021
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ILPOA President Update (January 2021)

The following information was provided by Robert Dixon, ILPOA President. If you have any questions you can email him at

I hope that everyone in our Indian Lake community is enjoying the new year as 2021 promises to be an exciting one on many fronts. On January 9th of the new year, I had the pleasure of kicking off our first Quarterly Members Meeting of 2021. If you were not able to attend nor have found the time to watch the meeting on You-Tube, let me recap the key points presented.

Following an introduction of your 2021 Indian Lake Property Owners Association Board of Directors, Past Association President Mary Beth Huffman led us through “a year in review,” highlighting numerous accomplishments and challenges ( “we came together as one community, supporting one another in the face of a pandemic, and many unforeseen events including a tornado and a flood” ). It seemed only proper for Mary Beth to lead this discussion and even more proper for all of us to thank Mary Beth for all that she has done and continues to do for ILPOA, including but not limited to, three years as our Association President.

The next part of our program introduced the Board’s five priorities for 2021. Those five priorities are 1) roads, 2) lake restoration, 3) community and member involvement, 4) safety and 5) a complimentary financial plan to support the first four priorities. We intend to develop individual strategies for each of the five priorities and to have those strategies completed by the end of February 2021. When completed, we will share those strategies with all Association Members and thereafter, kept the same informed of our progress.

The “Year In Review 2020” and “Priorities 2021” provided the perfect seaway for select Board Members to give transparent and informative reports relative to our cove 9 bridge update, our lake restoration project, the status of certain Association legal issues, our thoughts for improved community communications and dialogue, our current financial and budget status and finally, the recognition of a new Long Term Planning Committee.  Board Member Joe Mischik concluded the formal part of our Members Meeting presentation by discussing our in-progress desire to create, document, and share our ILPOA Vision, Values & Mission Statement. We hope that we can present a final ILPOA Vision, Values & Mission Statement at our April 2021 Members Meeting.

Again, 2021 promises to be an exciting year at Indian Lake and as always, your questions, thoughts, and concerns are important. Please let us know what is on your mind. Your input is essential to our community’s progress.

Robert Dixon, ILPOA President