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October 22, 2021
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October 26, 2021
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ILPOA Election Update

ILPOA 2021 ballots and instructions were mailed to our members on 10/22. Returned ballots must go through our post office box. Ballots cannot be returned to the ILPOA office. The election committee will retrieve all ballots from the ILPOA post office box at 9:00 am on 11/10.  Counting of ballots will begin immediately following their return to the community center. Ballots received after that time and date will not be counted. Due to Covid, please allow extra time for your returned ballot to reach our post office box.

The ILPOA election committee will meet in the community center at 8:30 am on 11/10 to go over the procedures for counting and tallying votes. All votes will be double-counted in front of an observer who is not running for office and necessary discrepancies will be reconciled on 11/10.  Any ballot that is unclear as to its intent will be set aside and reviewed if necessary following the initial ballot tally. Ballots for open ILPOA Board Seats that ballot for more than the four open seats will be null and void. ILPOA members in good standing not running for office may observe the 11/10 ballot counting, but once they have entered and left the community center, they may not enter again. 

The targeted ballot tally completion time for 11/10 is 4:00 pm but due to circumstances of the day, the actual completion time may be quite a bit sooner or later. Phone calls to Board candidates detailing Board Seat results will be made as soon as practical by myself. Web site posting of all ballot results will be made after all candidates have been contacted and any additional vetting performed. 

Thank you

R C Dixon

President, ILPOA Board of Directors