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November 2, 2021
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November 13, 2021
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ILPOA Election Results

I want to thank all of our members who voted in the recent ILPOA annual balloting for candidates, by-law changes, and rules & regulation changes. Without your input, our community cannot function. A special thanks goes out to Marsha Schramm as Chair of our Election Committee as well as all of those members who volunteered their time in an effort to fulfill the duties of that committee.

The results of our annual balloting are as follows:

1) Ballot included candidates Barry Alick and Dan Cannon who were re-elected to ILPOA Board seats.  Tom Orelup and Ric Breeden, as write-in candidates, were also elected to serve on the ILPOA Board.

2) All three rules & regulations proposed changes failed to receive the necessary simple majority for passage, thus all three proposals failed.

3) The by-law proposed change for the establishment of a special assessment for “Road Repair and Construction Fund” failed to receive the necessary 2/3rds majority ( it received 54% of the vote ), thus it failed.

4) The by-law proposal to allow flexibility in the physical or electronic location of Meeting of Members ( Article 1V, Section 3 ) received more than the necessary 2/3rds majority ( it received 70% of the vote ), thus it passed.

The colored ballots are scheduled for counting this week.  As soon as those results are tabulated, they will be announced in full transparency.

Robert Dixon, ILPOA President