ILPOA 2021 Board of Director Assignments

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December 10, 2020
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December 15, 2020
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ILPOA 2021 Board of Director Assignments

The first Board of Director Meeting with the new Board Members was last night.  The main focus of the night was to elect the positions of the Officers and the Committees as well as formulate the 2021 Main Goals.

The Main Goals the Board will focus on this year:

  1. Roads
  2. Lake Restoration
  3. Financial Strategy
  4. Community/Member Involvement
  5. Safety (this includes traffic, watercraft, dogs, etc)

The Positions voted and agreed upon are as follows:

  • President: Bob Dixon (
  • Vice President: Don Kalista (
  • Assistant Vice President: Chris Pinaire (
  • Secretary: Dan Cannon (
  • Assistant Secretary: Mary Beth Huffman (
  • Treasurer: Scott Rockafellow (
  • Assistant Treasurer: Joe Mischik (


  • Security:  Mary Beth Huffman/Don Kalista
  • Maintenance:  Mary Beth Huffman/Tom McClard (
  • Office: Don Kalista/Bob Dixon
  • Building Permits:  Tom McClard/John Richmond (
  • Communication:  Dan Cannon/Joe Mischik /Don Kalista
  • Lake, Dam, and Spillway:  Joe Mischik/John Richmond
  • Legal:  Chris Pinaire/Mary Beth Huffman
  • Lake Restoration:  Scott Rockafellow/Chris Pinaire
  • Nuisance:  Tom McClard/Chris Pinaire
  • Long Term Planning:  Bob Dixon/Joe Mischik

One name that is missing on the list is Koren McGinnis.  Due to COVID, her job, and her children, her time restraints changed and Koren, unfortunately, cannot give the time needed for the board.  We thank Koren for her service.  She served as Security Chair and helped in many other areas.  She and her husband Rod were instrumental in us logging our common area that brought in $99k to the community.    Koren has agreed to stay on as a member at large.  Next time you see Koren, thank her for what she did for our community.

 A call was made to Dan Cannon, our next in line, and Dan jumped on board with enthusiasm, he even made the first meeting with only an hour’s notice!  Thank you, Dan, and welcome aboard.  Dan’s term will be one year-to finish out Koren’s 3-year term.

You see many new names and we are excited about the new perspectives they will bring to the board.  But we can assure you, our commitment is the same direction we have been traveling in the last five years which is to move Indian Hills forward!  And we have finally begun to make the strides needed to do that – look at that new bridge being built!  (PLEASE STOP THE RAIN!)

Finally, we are calling members to get involved.  Each one of the committees needs Members at Large to help each of the board members.  Members at Large will work with the Board Members to make the most of each committee.  We hope this will work hand in hand with our 2021 goal of Community/Member Involvement.  Get in the arena, have your say!   If you are interested in being a Member at Large, please email Mary Beth Huffman at  We are hoping that each board member will be reaching out to individuals as well. 

2021 Indian Hills Board of Directors