Helpful Rules & Regulation Reminders

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January 14, 2021
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January 14, 2021
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Helpful Rules & Regulation Reminders

Below are a few of our ILPOA Rules & Regulations that we want to call to your attention.  It is the members responsibility to be familiar with all ILPOA Rules & Regulations which are available to view/download at

Access to the Lake:  Only boats owned by Members who have paid their annual charges and in good standing shall be allowed on the Lake.

Registration and Length Limits:

  • Registration: All boats being launched, operated, docked at private or ILPOA docks or on lifts in the lake water of Indian Hills Subdivision are required to be registered with the Association Office and to display current ILPOA boat stickers purchased at a total cost of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) which will be affixed on the left and right side near the back/rear 1/3 of the boat, above the waterline. Lot numbers will be affixed next to the ILPOA boat sticker which will be no less than three inches (3”) high on the right and left side of the watercraft.
  • Length Limits
    • No more than three (3) total-speed, ski, runabout, fishing boat, (maximum length twenty-two (22) feet), pontoon boat (maximum length twenty-five (25) feet), or deck boat (maximum length twenty-two (22) feet). Existing Deck Boats to be grandfathered. (changed 2021)
    • No more than one (1) personal watercraft, maximum length twelve and one half (12 1/2) feet. For the purpose of this section, “PWC” is defined as, but not limited to, wave runners or jet skis.

Operation of Boats:

  • Reckless and negligent operation of boats is prohibited.
  • No boat is to be overloaded beyond its rated capacity.
  • Members are urged to be sure youngsters do not operate any motorized watercraft unless legally qualified or under adult supervision. No one under the age of fourteen (14) shall operate any motorized watercraft. Proof of age may be requested by Water Patrol. 4. All watercraft, except sailboats, must travel counter-clockwise at all times.
  • When the spillway is closed a “NO WAKE” shall be put in effect.

Speed Limit:

  • Boating speed limit of forty miles per hour (40 mph) will be from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. starting the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day and 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. starting the first Tuesday after Labor Day through the Thursday proceeding Memorial Day. Other times, the speed shall be a maximum of five miles per hour (5 mph) with minimum wake.

Ski/Tube/Wakeboard Safety:

  • Skiing, tubing, and wake boarding are allowed from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. starting the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day and 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. starting the first Tuesday after Labor Day through the Thursday preceding Memorial Day. Boating speed limit of forty miles per hour (40 mph) will be from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. starting the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day and 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. starting the first Tuesday after Labor Day through the Thursday preceding Memorial Day.
  • Boats pulling skiers, tubes and wake boards must be equipped with a rear-view mirror or have at least two (2) occupants.
  • Travel counter-clockwise at all times, except when picking up a fallen person.
  • Never tow closer than one hundred (100) feet to any non-motorized boat, object or person.
  • No more than three (3) skiers or wake board riders and no more tubers than the rated capacity for such tube.
  • No airborne equipment to be pulled by rope from any watercraft, such as ski kite or ski parachute.
  • The operator of any watercraft will immediately raise an orange flag at any time a person being pulled or towed is in the water and no longer under control of the towboat. The flag will be put down when the person in the water is again under control of the towboat.
  • Wake surfing is prohibited. Wake surfing is defined as riding an artificial wave created by a boat without a rope
  • All tow ropes must be at least 50’ long.
  • All motorized watercraft must allow, at minimum (100) feet from anyone being towed by another watercraft as well as between other watercraft


  • All persons operating a motorized vehicle on the roads of Indian Hills Subdivision shall possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on the roads of Indian Hills Subdivision shall be thirty miles per hour (30 mph) and vehicles must be operated in a careful and prudent manner.
  • Vehicles shall not create excessive vehicle noise.
  • No commercial vehicles shall be parked on the streets or right of ways of Indian Hills Subdivision after sunset. It shall be a violation to park any vehicle in any roadway in such a manner as to impede or obstruct the normal flow of traffic in Indian Hills Subdivision.

Golf Carts/ATVs/UTVs/OTRVs

  • Golf Carts, ATV’s, OTRV’s, 4-wheeler’s, 3-wheeler’s, UTV’s, Motor Bikes and Side by Sides must buy a sticker for $25.00 annual fee (Same fee as a Water Craft) and display on the rear of vehicle. (added 2021)
  • Other than daylight hours, the golf cart, ATV or OTRV must have and use lights, front and rear, red brake lights and turn signals.
  • The Golf Cart, ATV, UTV or OTRV must observe all traffic laws on the roads.
  • The driver must be of legal age and show proof of driver’s license, if requested by a Security Officer.
  • The golf cart, ATV or OTRV will not be allowed to carry more than it has seats for. (No standing or more than three (3) passengers in a bench seat).
  • The golf cart, ATV or OTRV Must be driven on the right side of the roads and move over when other vehicles need to pass.
  • Three (3) inch high lot numbers are required on front and rear of the golf cart, ATV or OTRV.


  • Security and/or Water Patrol shall issue written citations for ILPOA Rule and Regulation violations.
  • Three (3) citations will subject a Member to loss of membership and loss of all privileges to use ILPOA facilities by the direction of the Board of Directors in writing.
    • Members shall appeal, in writing, to the Board of Directors for reconsideration within two (2) weeks of the date that the Board notified the Member in writing.
  • Fines for citations are 1st citation $0 (citation only), $50 for the 2nd citation, $150 for the 3rd and subsequent citations. If no additional citation has been issued within the last 12 months, then the fee schedule for fines will be reset. Citations incurred by guests will also count towards a member’s total citation count.
    • Members who are assessed fines have ten (10) business days (from the date of the letter to a member regarding the application of fine) to request their fines to be reviewed by the ILPOA Board at the next ILPOA Board Meeting. The Member who was assessed the fine can request to participate in the review of fines.
    • Additional infractions can be cited within two (2) weeks of previous infractions.
  • Anyone using Indian Hills Subdivision lake gives implied consent for Security or Water Patrol to perform inspections, as necessary, of any watercraft for the purpose of checking such as, but not limited to daily and creel limits, safety equipment, rated capacity or any issue as described in Sections 3 and 9 of the ILPOA Rules and Regulations or any applicable Missouri State Statute. Violators will be cited as necessary. Refusal to accommodate such inspections will be grounds for immediate suspension, pending Board approval.
  • The physical or verbal abuse of any ILPOA employee is prohibited. Violators will be cited, pending further action by the Board and law enforcement authorities.