General Water Safety Course

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February 5, 2021
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February 13, 2021
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General Water Safety Course


We had an overwhelming response regarding our request about who would be interested in participating in a Boating Certification Course.  As a result of lingering COVID, and after conferring with the Missouri State Highway Patrol Corporals, we are switching gears a bit. 

In lieu of the 8 hour boater certification class, The Missouri State Highway Patrol is going to run a 2 hour GENERAL WATER SAFETY CLASS.  April 24th at 10:00 am at the Community Center.  This will be open to all members, all ages.  We will take reservations for the first 50 members and then begin a waiting list.  During COVID, only 50 folks would be able to social distance in the Community Center (and you will be required to wear masks).  Should we discover that it will be a nice day on the 24th and we are able to move outside and take more members, we will open up to the waiting list. 

If you would like to reserve your spot for this special class, email your information to  Please put Boater Safety Course in the Subject Line and include your phone number.  By April 10th, we will send out the list of those accepted and the waiting list. 

Just as a side note, you are always able to take the boater certification on-line.  The Missouri State Highway Patrol is able to do this onsite as well, and that is also a possibility in the future, but we thought we’d start with the 2 hour general course first.

Look for other items regarding our 2021 Safety Initiative coming soon!

Mary Beth Huffman-Chair SAFETY INITIATIVE / Doug Bare-Member at Large