Gate & Security Update (12/15/20)

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December 15, 2020
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Gate & Security Update (12/15/20)

Gate Update
Our gate vendor, Birdsong, was out today (Tuesday) to install the new circuit board and our gate arms are back and operating normally. As a reminder, this is the first outage that was not caused by vandalism.
As a reminder, please remember the following regarding gate operation:

  • Observe Stop Signs/Signage: we understand it easy to just roll-up to the card reader but please observe the stop sign.
  • Only One Car Through Gate at a Time: The gate arm is timed to allow only one car to go through at a time. Let the gate arm come down from the car in front of you before scanning your care.
  • Educate Your Guests: give your guests your 4-digit code to use at the guest directory. This is the quickest way to contact you and reduces the back-up of people trying to use the directory. Remind your guests to call you before they enter the community to make sure you are available to receive the call from the gate system.
  • SMILE: Our camera system has been a great resource to observe problems and/or researching people who vandalize the gate, don’t observe signage, etc.

Security Update
Winters tend to be on the quiet side around here. Unfortunately, we’ve had a rash of incidents lately. Since the gate has been broken and open, we have had a theft, a fire being investigated by the Missouri State Fire Marshall’s office, and an “impaired” character wandering the subdivision for two days looking for his “friend to help him out.” We are glad to get it closed up again.

For those who often state that we are locking in the bad guys, you are kind of right. We have multiple issues over and over with the same approximately 10 families. We watch them on the cameras, we monitor the “guests” that come and go from their properties, we drive by their houses, we send them citations/letters, we report to CCSD. We are in the process of spending your money to get two of the properties cleaned up and we will follow up with others. Sometimes we unknowingly put ourselves in danger dealing with some of the unsavory, bully members, their guests, and/or significant others. But you only need to watch the cameras for a couple of nights (or days for that matter) to see that the gate is instrumental in sending away people who should not be in our neighborhood-whether they have ill intentions, or just would like to use the lake and facilities that we as a PRIVATE neighborhood pay for.

We need your help. If you see something illegal, call 9-1-1. It is Indian Hills’ responsibility to uphold the rules of our subdivision (i.e. fireworks, boat stickers, etc). It is Crawford County Sheriff Department to handle the illegal activity. Call 9-1-1 THEN please call us so that we can assist CCSD with whatever they need (gates opened, videotape, member information, etc).

BE AWARE AND KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR YOUR NEIGHBORS. Do your homework, have you looked at the public sex offender’s registry recently? Do you have security’s phone number close (573 259 3700)? Do you know your neighbors, know their habits?

Help Us Secure Our Community
Finally, We will be starting a campaign soon to get an inventory of members that have cameras. Cameras and security systems are becoming more and more affordable and prevalent. As in the instance of the fire last week, we’d like to know if there are cameras in that area that may have picked up some activity that may help the authorities. We will keep that information confidential. Look for a questionnaire soon.

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