Gate/Entrance Update

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August 9, 2019
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August 18, 2019
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Gate/Entrance Update

I would like to inform you about what is happening at the exit road and entrance roads.

On 8/12/19 the final leg of the exit road was wrapped up.  Our gate company wrapped up the installation of the new exit road gate arm just behind the exit slide gate.  This arm is amid at the speed up of exiting the community and reducing the wear and tear on the slide gate at the exit.  Just so everyone is aware.  This is a gate arm that is meant to go up and down for each car and not multiple cars at a time.  Please stop and wait your turn to go otherwise damage will be done to this arm and you will be responsible for the damage (ONE AT A TIME PLEASE).  The exit slide gate has also had a timer installed on it and will close every night at 11:00 pm and reopen at 6:30 am.  It will still work like it did in the past so please pull up to the yellow lines to trigger it.  The same goes for the new gate arm, please pull up to the yellow lines to trigger it to open.  For any motorcycles you still may not trigger the first loop but if you pull up closer to the gate the new Optex eye will open both the new gate arm as well as the existing slide gate.  Note the longest arm that is available for these gate arms are 14’ so I’m sure some are asking can’t someone just drive through the exit gate the wrong way and the answer is yes a small car maybe able to squeeze by.  We will be installing a barrier to close that gap to keep a car from getting through.  We will make sure that it is properly marked and very visible to people pulling up to the gates.

As far as the entrance road and gate points at the entrance we are currently working on a plan for that to be concrete too.  We are currently seeking bids for this work knowing that this will even be a bigger project than the exit road.  At the same we want to improve the flow of traffic as well as the ease of getting in to Indian Hills.  This will take a lot of coordination to get it 100% right, spending the associations funds properly, as well as ensuring good quality workmanship.  Please understand when we get this project started, we are concerned about the safety of our members as well as the people completing the work. 

Thanks again for your patience with these projects as we look to keep improving Indian Hills with our limited budget.


Pat Leahy, ILPOA Board