Indian Hills Bass Club

Indian Hills Bass Club Mission Statements

  • Promote the sport of fishing and improve skills as bass anglers
  • Enjoy the sport through friendly competition
  • Encourage boating safety
  • Stimulate awareness of conserving our natural resources through catch and release to promote full adherence to all conservation codes
  • Maintain a friendly rapport with lake community property owners
  • To use bass fishing as a means to developing lasting relationships

Indian Hills Bass Club Rules & Regulations

  • $20 members fee (ages 15 & under, wives/girlfriends are free)
  • $35 entry fee per tournament
  • Membership fee and $5 of entry fee will goes towards the Fish Off
  • Must fish five (5) tournaments to fish the Fish Off
  • All disputes must be made before scales are open
  • Obey the run times (10 a.m. – 6 or 7 p.m.)
  • Mandatory live well heck before start of each tournament
  • Five (5) fish limits, 12” minimum length
  • Weighing in one (1) dead fish is a one (1) pound deduction of total weight
  • Only one (1) dead fish allowed at weigh in
  • You must have an aerated live well
  • No getting out of boat to retrieve your bass
  • No culling at boat ramp when boat is in water


  • Don Kalista
  • Jeremy Huguet
  • Marybeth Huffmann
  • Scott Rockafellow
  • John Richmond
  • Chris Pinaire
  • Koren McGinnis
  • Gary Campbell
  • Dale Brunts
  • Pat Leahy

  • Nuisance Properties
  • Lake Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Office
  • Legal
  • Building Permits
  • Lake, Dam, & Spillway
  • Roads & Maintenance