February Roads & Maintenance Update

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February 20, 2020
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February 26, 2020
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February Roads & Maintenance Update

Gary Campbell, Roads & Maintenance Chair (bod.gcampbell@ilpoa.org)

The weather has not been great for doing road maintenance, but we continue to battle the pothole situation. We have been trying to work on potholes every time the weather gives us an opportunity. Areas they worked on are:

  • Lakeside
  • Entry road
  • Hickory
  • 2065-2191 Lakeshore
  • Lakeshore (Cove 1 to Squaw)
  • Big Bear
  • Lakeshore (West of dam)

When the weather has not allowed us to work outside, the guys have been busy organizing the maintenance area and repairing equipment. Over the past month, they have also been working to inventory and get a clear picture of culvert replacement needs and the current status of needed pothole repairs.

We continue to get calls on the exit gate hanging open. Please, heed the stop sign on exit. The failure to do so until the previous vehicle clears the gate will negate the trigger to close following the second vehicle exiting. Reminder: Even if no other vehicle is in front of you, it is good to develop the habit of stopping each time, then advancing both on entry and exit. Thank you for your help in making the gates work as advertised.

During one of the heavier rains, we had a flooding situation develop due to a blockage that developed on the culvert under the entry to the maintenance yard. Reminder: Even if you have recently cleared your culvert, blockages can quickly develop during heavy rains. You might want to check yours before and after any predicted heavy rains.

The guys have installed LED light bulbs at the community center to increase brightness and help save on electricity costs. They also recycled old fixtures at the maintenance yard with LED bulbs to increase efficiencies. Reminder: LED light bulbs consume about a tenth of what a standard bulb uses so in a year, 10 – 60 watt bulbs would cost you about $105 where LED bulbs consuming 6 watts each would run about $10.50. You would save about $8 monthly. The investment will quickly pay for itself.

Again, know that we look at keeping you safe as our first priority. Dam closure due to ice/heavy rain runoff is an inconvenience, but it is for your safety! We attempt to minimize the length of closure!

If you see a way we can make things better, let me know. You can pass that along on a Work Request (Available at the office).  I welcome the feedback. But know, it might not get done tomorrow. If you pass it to me in conversation, it may get forgotten before I get somewhere to record it for posterity. Please, put it on a Work Request and return it to the office.

Thank you all for your help and support to make this community better! Y’all have a great March!!