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June 12, 2021
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Exit Road Security Update

The Board would like to update you on our progress to effectively and reliably secure our exit road from trespassers illegally entering the community.  We have been focusing on two key areas necessary to secure the exit road.

  1. Door King Gate Arm Plagued with Problems: the exit gate arm has had chronic technical problems that have taken this gate arm out of service frequently costing the association a minimum of $500 (excluding parts) each time the vendor comes out to attempt to fix the problem.  Our vendor has indicated that they have had similar experiences with the Door King gate arms and has suggested to us to replace it with a Liftmaster Gate Arm which is more reliable, easier to diagnose problems, and secure repair parts.
  2. Need for a Proactive Solution to Secure Exit Roadunfortunately, we have a problem with people purposely breaking the gate arm and sensors for the gate arm to trespass into our community illegally.

The Board has looked at numerous options to secure the exit road and has determined we need to implement a two-part solution to the exit gate security problem.  We need to replace our current Door King gate arm with a new gate arm from Lift Master.  But this alone does not stop those that have chosen to damage the gate arm to trespass into the community.  The best proactive solution is to reinstall the road spikes we previously purchased to truly stop people from entering through the exit gate.

You may be asking why are we reinstalling the road spikes after they were previously removed?  When we replaced the asphalt road with concrete we eliminated the crown in the road that increased the height of the spikes.  Now the spikes are installed flush with the concrete.  This meets the spike manufacture guidelines for clearance for exiting vehicles.  In addition, our maintenance team has developed a plan to maintain the spikes to eliminate debris from obstructing the spikes and a process maintenance will use to lock spikes during winter ice and snow.

We will have adequate lighting and signage as recommended by manufacturers of road spikes and our insurance provider that will protect ILPOA from claims.  Unfortunately, we have to take these steps because people have chosen to damage association property to enter via the exit road versus using the Guest Entrance and Member Directory to request entrance into the community.

We will continue to monitor our entrance and exit security using our high-definition cameras and provide recordings to Crawford County Sheriff Department to investigate and prosecute.  If you have any questions you can email the Board at indianlake@ilpoa.org and we will respond to you directly.

Bob Dixon and Don Kalista, Co-Chairs ILPOA Security