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June 21, 2020
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June 28, 2020
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Exit Gate


If you have noticed, the exit gate has not been working for a few days.  The reason is because the loops that activate the gate are located in the asphalt pavement.  Pavement so thin that the loops are finally at the surface and have been broken by the traffic.  The solution to this problem is to pour concrete in the area and put the loops in the concrete.  But until we can bid that process out and find the money to do this, we have a temporary solution:

The stop sign has now moved closer to the gate.  And the “loop” to trigger the opening of the gate/arm is now VERY CLOSE to the gate.

STEP #1:  STOP at the NEW stop sign.  AGAIN, STOP at the STOP sign! (It is amazing how many folks do not obey a simple stop sign).  Wait for the person in front of you to get through and the arm to come back down.

STEP #2:  Slowly pull up CLOSE to the gate.  It will trip the loop and you will be able to proceed through the exit gate. 

There are no longer any loops located on Seminole.  Folks exiting from Seminole need to proceed to IH Drive to trigger the new loop.

Attached is what the signage looks like and a map of the process.