Entrance Road is Open!

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November 1, 2019
Entrance/Exit Road Project Final Update
November 5, 2019
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Entrance Road is Open!

Today we are opening the entrance road through the member lane into the community.  Because work continues as we get ready to re-engage the gate system the guest lane will be closed.  The gate system will not be in operation until early next week as we put the finishing touches on it. Now is the time to make sure you have your gate card with you again.

As you enter the community through the entrance road, I want to point out a few things:

  • SMOOTH ROAD – something we have not seen in decades is a smooth road but it is what is below the road that is so great.  The road now has a new base which will ensure we have a great road for many years.  You also will not see that conduit has been run that allowed us to make sure our electric and data cabling is properly buried and protected to ensure proper operation of all equipment.  The gate sensors have been properly installed to ensure the are installed to specifications so gate operates properly and consistently.
  • Better Parking for ILPOA Office – we now have additional parking for the office in addition to existing parking on the exit road side.
  • New Position for Gate Directory – the new directory position has been moved back from the guard shack.  You will also notice the new hut build and provided by Pat Leahy one of our Board Members.
  • New Turn-out Lane – we designed the turn-out lane into our design to help traffic flow on busy weekends when guests cannot reach our members via the gate directory.  Now instead of waiting as traffic backs up behind them, they can exit to the left and just circle back out the exit lane.  Then they have the option to return back through the visitor entrance lane and attempt to reach the member again.
  • Future Plans – our members and ILPOA Clubs have agreed to work with us to help beautify our entrance and entrance gate.

Thanks to the leadership of Pat Leahy (outgoing Board Member) our contractor, ILPOA staff and members who have helped on this project.  It is truly something we can be proud of and an incredible first impression for our guests and future members.

We appreciate the compliments and support by many of our members regarding this project along with the new Dam Road.  It truly demonstrates what we can do when we work together to address our infrastructure.

We hope to continue our efforts with a positive vote to replace the Cove 9 Bridge to ensure the safety of community and to ensure emergency equipment will always be able to get to the other side of the lake in times of emergency.  Our member committees addressing Lake Restoration and Roads are also working to present solutions to our members.  Community involvement has never been better and our future as a community has never been brighter because you say and vote “I Believe in our Future”.

Thanks again for your support …

Your ILPOA Board