Entrance/Exit Road Project Final Update

Entrance Road is Open!
November 2, 2019
Security Gates and Gate Arms are Operational Again
November 6, 2019
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Entrance/Exit Road Project Final Update

Gate Arms / Security Gate Being Reengaged – Within the next 24 hours we will be putting the Gate Arms and Security Gate back into service. 

Gate Security Reminders

  1. Make sure you have your Gate Card with you so you can get into the community.
  2. Let your guests and contractors know that the Gate Directory position has moved closer to the office inside the new enclosure.
    1. This is a great time to remind your guests/contractors to use your 4-digit code when calling you to remotely open the gate.  This method takes less than 20 seconds to complete if you are available to answer the call from the gate.
    1. If you have forgotten your 4-digit code please call the office (573-885-3630) during office hours and they will be happy to provide you with that information.
    1. Depending on your phone service you may only have to press “9” once to remotely open the gate but some members will need to press “9” multiple times in order to open the gate.
  3. Wait You Turn – The Gate Arms allow only one car at a time to enter the community before the Gate Arm drops.  Wait for the car ahead of you to go through and the arm to drop down completely before you swipe your member Gate Card or move up with your RFID Card.
    1. Please obey signage and warnings as the association will not be responsible for any damage.
    1. If you experience any damage you will need to submit a claim with your insurance agency to contest the damage.  The association will not work directly with the insured on any claims.  ILPOA will submit video recordings in all cases where a claim is made.

Entrance / Exit Road Improvement Update – The Entrance/Exit Road Project is now in the final stages and I am so proud of the way the first impression to our community looks now that the roads have been repaired, parking lot reconfigured and the new exit-out lane.

  1. Entrance / Exit Road – Old road was torn out and new base installed and then finished with concrete.
  2. Improved Parking for ILPOA Office – With the reconfiguring of the parking lot we have been able to provide better defined parking for our members who come to the ILPOA Office.
  3. New Location for Member Directory – In order to improve traffic flow during high traffic weekends we have moved the Member Directory closer toward the office in order to provide a turn-out lane.  Please let your guests/contractors know that if you are unable to reach you to use the turn-out lane so they can allow cars behind you to access the directory.  Your guest/contractor can than exit out and then return through the entrance road.
  4. What You Can’t See
    1. Better Access to Septic Tank – Previously the septic tank access was below the surface of the road which required the road to be cut-out to access.  Now a man-hole was installed to provide easy access so the tank can be serviced.
    1. Propane Tank Moved – The tank we had was moved from the front of entrance to a more esthetically pleasing location out of view.
    1. New Wiring Conduit – Many times wiring was just buried below the asphalt and in most cases not deep enough which impacted the reliability of the wiring.  Below the surface of the concreate all the wiring is now safely pulled through conduit.
    1. Greenspace Area – The area between the rear parking area and the new turn-out lane will now be greenspace. 
  5. What Still to Come – We are already working with our ILPOA Clubs to develop a landscaping plan for the entrance area, greenspace and specifically around the security gates to make the entrance even more pleasing to the eye.

For those of you who have not been down to the lake recently here are a few pictures of the completed work.

None of this could have happened without great planning and leadership by Pat Leahy (outgoing Board member).  In addition to the planning and supervision by Pat we have to thank John Richmond and our  Maintenance team (Matt Eaton, Kevin and Jim), Walt Koyn, our Security Team (Bobby Stump and Bob Ziegelmeyer) for helping with traffic flow and detours, Don Kalista assisting with all the conduit laid and wire runs and the great partner/contractor Bouse Contracting LLC.

Everyone should be proud of the first impression we created for the community.  It also shows what we could do if we get behind our initiatives to improve our critical infrastructure: Cove 9 Bridge Replacement (voting now), Lake Restoration (presenting solutions to membership) and Roads (member committee working to identify options for membership to consider).

Hope you join us and “Love the Lake” like we do!


Mark McLean (ILPOA President)