Bridge Update – 02/04/21

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February 3, 2021
Bridge Update (2/4/21)
February 5, 2021
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Bridge Update – 02/04/21


We are so happy to report that our final bit of concrete (the small bit of roadway on the east side of the the bridge) was poured yesterday!  And none too soon, as it appears we may actually start to get some of that winter weather that has eluded us thus far.

We were very lucky to have partnered with Cochran and Brenneke for this project.  Brenneke had his whole heart in the project from day one and was aggressive, watching the weather/lake level and getting things ready when there was a window to get done what he had to get done.  All this under Cochran’s watchful eyes and inspections.  They both often went above and beyond to keep things moving. 

The guard rails will be set in the near future.  The concrete needs to cure/strengthen for a period of time.  Once the concrete is at 100% strength and all the guard rails are complete, we will be ready to open up the bridge!  Wayne will be back in the spring when the weather is better and dirt is not so wet to finish up the final grading and cleanup. 

Another little celebration party will be in order and we will all walk across that bridge together and meet our neighbors in the middle!  Last time we were there was November 15 and the EASTERNERS had the most participation.  So watch out for that announcement of the GRAND OPENING, won’t be long now! 

We have not seen such FORWARD PROGRESS in our community in a very long time.  Let’s keep that ball rolling and work on the Lake Restoration!

ILPOA Bridge Committee

  • Brian Nisbet
  • John Oeltjen
  • Mike Dean
  • Gary Weber
  • Barry Alick
  • Mary Beth Huffman