07/05/20 Lake Use Update

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July 3, 2020
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July 7, 2020
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07/05/20 Lake Use Update

Summary: 1) NO WAKE from Cove 7 through Cove 9, 2) Dam Road Open for only 911 Services, 3) Recommend No Skiing, Tubing, etc. due to below the surface debris.


It was nice to see so many folks enjoying the lake yesterday in a different capacity. Folks tied together with music, kayakers, sailboats, etc. I have received ALOT of notes from folks that loved it and believe we should have some No-Wake days during normal summer operations. If you agree, we will be requesting rule changes soon, submit a suggestion and the membership can vote on it.

Attached is a picture of the spillway at the dam early this morning. There is still 3” of water across it, and we continue to have debris constantly washing up. Joe Modray is out there with the tractor already removing the tree trunks-thank you so much!! Although we are going to open the dam road for only 911 services, we ask that you still go around to Cove 9 to access the other side of the lake, as cleanup from the spillway will be ongoing for quite some time.

We are opening the lake for normal speeds between Cove 7 to the dam for members to proceed at their own risk. Cove 7 through Cove 9 will still be considered a NO WAKE ZONE. We still request that you stay out of Cove 7-please use the other coves.

Although we are opening for normal speeds between Cove 7 and the dam, we strongly suggest that you do not ski and/or tube. We continue to pull debris out of the lake. Most concerning that was found UNDER THE SURFACE yesterday was a 6’ 4×4 with 8’ of barbed wire attached to it. We “will not enforce no skiers or tubers”, but again, we suggest you do not put your families in danger at high speeds in the water this weekend.

As a reminder, Water Patrol is out there for your safety as well as to enforce the rules that the members have put in place. They constantly endure a ridiculous amount of abuse, but yesterday quite a few members were rude, felt entitled, were drunk and out of control, etc. We are all trying to do the best we can after a tornado one weekend and a flood the next to keep our members/guests safe and to minimize additional damage to our property. Please do not take your frustrations out on our employees.

Please make sure that you clean up your firework debris from the roads, dam, etc. Take your debris home. The dumpsters at the Community Center are not for your personal use and we have cameras there. Fireworks will end tonight at 11. Fireworks are NOT to be shot at the tennis courts or beach. We hope that whoever used the tennis courts last night as their personal fireworks launch is out there with a bucket and cleaner getting rid of the scorch marks.

Mary Beth Huffman
ILPOA President