As we prepare for our upcoming elections it is never more important for you to participate. Your votes on who will be on your 2020 ILPOA Board, Rules & Regulations and By-Law changes are critical to our community. Ballots will be mailed to all members on 10/25/19 and we will use your Primary Mailing Address on file at the ILPOA Office as of 10/14/19.

2020 BOD Candidates:

This year we have seven (7) candidates for your consideration for the 2020 ILPOA Board. To assist you in making your decision we have asked each candidate to provide a no more than 100-word Candidate Summary/BIO and complete a Candidate Questionnaire that includes questions on the key issues being faced by our community. Carefully read the Candidate Statement/BIO and Questionnaire so you can determine who is committed to DOING the work to ensure the future of our community. Below are the candidates for your consideration:

NOTE: We have received numerous calls on how/why members that are actively suing the Association can run for the Board. We have consulted with our attorney on this subject and nothing in our bylaws (Article 5 section 3) states that Dale Brunts, Diane Wideman and Jim O’Fallon are ineligible to run for a Board position based on this lawsuit.

  • Bill Brumitt (currently on the 2019 Board)
  • Dale Brunts
  • Gary Campbell
  • Mary Beth Huffman
  • Don Kalista (Currently on 2019 Board)
  • Jim O’Fallon (On 10/10 Jim O’Fallon informed the office he is no longer a candidate for the 2020 ILPOA Board)
  • Diana Wideman

2020 Rules & Regulations

  • Placement of Watercraft Stickers
  • Lowering of the Lake
  • Watersports / New Wake Times
  • Wake Surfing

2020 By-Laws

  • Meeting of Members / Place of Meetings
  • Bridge Assessment

Return of Ballots

  • Ballots are to be returned no later than Wednesday, November 13, 2019 by 9:00am
  • Ballots must be sent to: Inspector of Elections PO Box 620, Cuba, MO 65453
  • Ballots received after 11/13/19 at 9 a.m. or delivered to any location other than the PO Box will not be counted

Please direct all question to We will also post FAQs on the association website if necessary.

Mark McLean
ILPOA President

Click on the file below for all Candidate BIOs and Candidate Questionnaires:

Jim O’Fallon refused to provide completed Candidate Questionnaire

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