Security Update – April 2020

The following information was prepared by Koren McGinnis, ILPOA Security Chair. If you have any questions regarding Security you can email Koren at



  • Member called saying the exit gate was pushed back


  • While on patrol roving patrol found the exit gate open and put it back into service


  • Closed dam due to weather


  • Member reported damage to their driveway


  • Member reported someone burning materials on Lonewolf against DNR rules


  • 1:51 PM a member reported a black Dakota pickup trying to gain access through the entrance gate without permission.  Then received a call from the office that the passenger of the truck raised the gate to enter the community.


  • Received a call from a member on Shawnee stating someone cut a tree down on Big Bear and took the wood


  • Received a call from Cencom stating two deputies went through the gate with their lights and sirens on activating the emergency opening of the gate and needed to reset the entrance gate.
  • Received a voicemail at 10:02 PM from a member saying there was a car with loud pipes going up and down the street running around in the driveway.


  • Received a call at 10:35 AM form a member saying a four-wheeler turned into a driveway of an unoccupied home, they had permission to be there.


  • Received a call at 3:15 PM from a member to check and see if anyone was in their driveway.


  • Received a call at 7:01 AM reporting there was a tan car on the dam at 5 AM and still in the neighborhood. 


  • Received a call at 11:07 AM from a member that their house alarm was going off and to go check the residence. 

Spring is here and that means warmer weather is near.  Here are a few rules you may need a refresher course on:

  • All watercraft must have 2020 boat stickers and lot numbers, you can purchase these in the office.
  • Lake speed limit is 40 MPH during the hours of 10 AM-6 PM until Memorial Day weekend
  • Golf carts, ATV’s, and UTV’s must display lot numbers on the front and rear of the vehicle
  • All drivers of golf carts, ATV’s, and UTV’s must be licensed drivers and show proof if security would ask


While driving in the community please obey the 30MPH speed limit.  We will be experiencing more people on roadways walking, jogging, bikes, etc… We want to make sure that all members and guests remain as safe as possible, and this starts with you! 


With Memorial Day coming soon, we are looking to add to our security team.  We are hiring gate guards and lake patrol; weekends and holidays are a must.  If you, your children, grandchildren, or someone you know might be interested, please call the office to set up a time to pick up an application.  Pay will be decided on qualifications and experience.


We are looking for members who would like to volunteer some of their time to help us remind members that they need to purchase their watercraft stickers before they launching their watercraft into the lake.  Volunteers would be assigned to specific launch areas at specific times as we start the new boating season.  Please email Koren McGinnis ( if you would like to volunteer your time.

ILPOA Security Update: Security Incidents

Information below provided by Koren McGinnis, ILPOA Security Chair []

1/6         Found exit gate arm broke off between 9PM-10PM

1/7         Received call at 8:52PM that guest gate arm had been knocked down

1/11       Received call at 1:35AM that part of San Chez had been washed out causing a hole in the road that needed attention.

1/11       Received call at 7:47AM from CenCom explaining there was a structure fire making sure the gates were open for emergency personnel.

1/11       Received a call 3:57 PM that a member had property damage from another vehicle

1/13       Opened dam

1/15       Member stopped to tell security that a neighbor had made threats to him and that he had called CCSD.

1/18       Received phone call to report a red ford explorer was behind the dam.  CCSD was called.

1/19       Dam remained closed due to ice

1/19       Water leak at cove 1 causing road to cover with ice, salted the road

1/19       Received a call from a member in not good standing to let them in the gate because they forgot their card.

1/19       Received call at 2:23 PM from a member saying he saw on his security camera that his tie wall was on fire and if security could check it out.  Fire department was called.

1/27       A vehicle was obstructing the roadway by cove 9, a tow a way sticker was placed on the vehicle.

1/27       Received a call at 5:17 PM that a vehicle was driving by a member’s home very slowly.

1/28       Placed a tow-a-way sticker on a car that was parked at the office with no owner around.

Security Gates and Gate Arms are Operational Again

Now that the Entrance/Exit Roads are back open the security gate and gate arms are back in operation. Please remember to have your security gate card with you when you leave the community.

Also, remind your guests that the Member Directory location has moved as part of the new configuration. We’ve seen a number of people drive by it thinking the Member Directory is still located by Guard Shack.

If you forget your gate card and you have your cellphone number in the directory you can always use the Member Directory to call you and you will be able to press “9” and remotely open the gate. Also, in order to speed up the guest process please give your guests your 4-digit code instead of using the long process to look up names. Remind them if they do not reach you to use the new “turn-out” lane to re-enter the community so the person behind them can use the Member Directory. If you do not know your 4-digit code please call the ILPOA Office at 573-885-3630. The office can also confirm the two contact numbers that are in the Member Directory.

Please observe the signage around the gate. Gates are set to allow only one vehicle at a time before the gate arm drop downs. If there is a car in front of you, wait at the stop sign and allow the gate arm to drop down before you proceed to swipe your gate card or move up for the RFID reader to read your RFID tag.

Thanks again for your patience as we all get used to the Security Gates being in operation again now that construction is complete.

Entrance Road is Open!

Today we are opening the entrance road through the member lane into the community.  Because work continues as we get ready to re-engage the gate system the guest lane will be closed.  The gate system will not be in operation until early next week as we put the finishing touches on it. Now is the time to make sure you have your gate card with you again.

As you enter the community through the entrance road, I want to point out a few things:

  • SMOOTH ROAD – something we have not seen in decades is a smooth road but it is what is below the road that is so great.  The road now has a new base which will ensure we have a great road for many years.  You also will not see that conduit has been run that allowed us to make sure our electric and data cabling is properly buried and protected to ensure proper operation of all equipment.  The gate sensors have been properly installed to ensure the are installed to specifications so gate operates properly and consistently.
  • Better Parking for ILPOA Office – we now have additional parking for the office in addition to existing parking on the exit road side.
  • New Position for Gate Directory – the new directory position has been moved back from the guard shack.  You will also notice the new hut build and provided by Pat Leahy one of our Board Members.
  • New Turn-out Lane – we designed the turn-out lane into our design to help traffic flow on busy weekends when guests cannot reach our members via the gate directory.  Now instead of waiting as traffic backs up behind them, they can exit to the left and just circle back out the exit lane.  Then they have the option to return back through the visitor entrance lane and attempt to reach the member again.
  • Future Plans – our members and ILPOA Clubs have agreed to work with us to help beautify our entrance and entrance gate.

Thanks to the leadership of Pat Leahy (outgoing Board Member) our contractor, ILPOA staff and members who have helped on this project.  It is truly something we can be proud of and an incredible first impression for our guests and future members.

We appreciate the compliments and support by many of our members regarding this project along with the new Dam Road.  It truly demonstrates what we can do when we work together to address our infrastructure.

We hope to continue our efforts with a positive vote to replace the Cove 9 Bridge to ensure the safety of community and to ensure emergency equipment will always be able to get to the other side of the lake in times of emergency.  Our member committees addressing Lake Restoration and Roads are also working to present solutions to our members.  Community involvement has never been better and our future as a community has never been brighter because you say and vote “I Believe in our Future”.

Thanks again for your support …

Your ILPOA Board

Exit Road Detour

We have worked carefully to create a safe separation of the exit road using safety cones in order to allow both incoming and outgoing traffic for our members and guests.  Unfortunately beginning on 10/24 we began to lose safety cones either through theft or running over them and not taking the time to reset them back where they belong.  Today we observed that on the straight stretch of the road we were down to two safety cones and had to send Roving Patrol to replace the safety cones.

It is unfortunate the people have so little disregard to the safety of our members, guests and vendors that they either steal or run over the cones placed to divide the exit road into two lanes.  This may not seem like a big deal but it cost $20 per cone to purchase new cones and when you are trying to cautiously spend the limited budget we have, it adds up.

Here’s the ask …. 1) Please reduce your speed significantly when you are either entering or exiting the community when traveling through the detour area, 2) If you knock over a cone, we understand it happens, but please place it back in the right space and 3) if you see someone take a safety cone make a note of the car and report it to security.

It’s really sad that we have to bring this up but apparently common sense and respecting community property is not understood by the small minority who are once again costing you/our association.


Security Update – EXIT GATE

The exit gate construction is winding down and the Exit Gate and Exit Gate Arm are in service.  Here are a few reminders:

  1. Gate Schedule: The EXIT GATE will be in operation from 11 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.  The exit gate arm will be in operation at all times.  Because of the time it takes for the EXIT GATE to close the GATE ARM will close quicker to act as a deterrent to people trespassing the wrong way into the community through the exit gate.
  2. Gate Operation: When the EXIT GATE and GATE ARM are in service please pay attention to the signage as you approach the gate.  There is a STOP sign and a WAIT YOUR TURN sign on a pole at the left-hand side of the exit road.  This is to remind our members and guests to make sure you do not follow behind another car rather wait for the GATE ARM to close from the car in front of you before you proceed forward and trigger the GATE ARM to open.
  3. EXIT GATE Yellow Lines:  You will notice two (2) yellow lines as you approach the gate.  The yellow lines indicated the two trigger points for the EXIT GATE and GATE ARM.  If for whatever reason when you go over the first yellow line and it does not trigger the EXIT GATE and/or GATE ARM proceed to the second yellow line closest the EXIT GATE.  The second trigger point utilizes an advanced technology that will trigger the EXIT GATE and GATE ARM.  The second yellow line sensor is specially designed to address the issues we had with some motorcycles.
  4. Claims of Damage: This week we had a few members say that the gate damaged their car.  After reviewing the camera video from various angles of these incidents, it was determined that the members ignored the posted signs and tried to follow another car out of the exit gate/gate arm.  As a reminder, if you have a claim of damage you MUST submit your claim via your insurance provider.  Under no circumstances will the association work directly with you on damage claims. 

If you have any issues at the gate you can always contact ROVING PATROL (number is on the gate) or call/email the ILPOA Office (573-885-3630 or

Thanks for your attention and patience

Pat Leahy (ILPOA Board) and Koren McGinnis (Security Chair)

Gate/Entrance Update

I would like to inform you about what is happening at the exit road and entrance roads.

On 8/12/19 the final leg of the exit road was wrapped up.  Our gate company wrapped up the installation of the new exit road gate arm just behind the exit slide gate.  This arm is amid at the speed up of exiting the community and reducing the wear and tear on the slide gate at the exit.  Just so everyone is aware.  This is a gate arm that is meant to go up and down for each car and not multiple cars at a time.  Please stop and wait your turn to go otherwise damage will be done to this arm and you will be responsible for the damage (ONE AT A TIME PLEASE).  The exit slide gate has also had a timer installed on it and will close every night at 11:00 pm and reopen at 6:30 am.  It will still work like it did in the past so please pull up to the yellow lines to trigger it.  The same goes for the new gate arm, please pull up to the yellow lines to trigger it to open.  For any motorcycles you still may not trigger the first loop but if you pull up closer to the gate the new Optex eye will open both the new gate arm as well as the existing slide gate.  Note the longest arm that is available for these gate arms are 14’ so I’m sure some are asking can’t someone just drive through the exit gate the wrong way and the answer is yes a small car maybe able to squeeze by.  We will be installing a barrier to close that gap to keep a car from getting through.  We will make sure that it is properly marked and very visible to people pulling up to the gates.

As far as the entrance road and gate points at the entrance we are currently working on a plan for that to be concrete too.  We are currently seeking bids for this work knowing that this will even be a bigger project than the exit road.  At the same we want to improve the flow of traffic as well as the ease of getting in to Indian Hills.  This will take a lot of coordination to get it 100% right, spending the associations funds properly, as well as ensuring good quality workmanship.  Please understand when we get this project started, we are concerned about the safety of our members as well as the people completing the work. 

Thanks again for your patience with these projects as we look to keep improving Indian Hills with our limited budget.


Pat Leahy, ILPOA Board