Blessing of the Boats & Community Center Public Bathroom

ILPOA Members:

Since we’ve become aware of the COVID-19 virus and have utilized the directives from the CDC, the State of Missouri, and Crawford County to address the concerns and safety of ILPOA’s members, guests, and vendors.  The ILPOA Board has tried to error on the side of caution when addressing how we conduct business, do our work, and with community club meetings and events.

As much as we would all like to see things return to normal we’ve had to take steps to ensure the safety of our community.  As a result, this continues to impact upcoming events and how we utilize our facilities.

Blessing of the Boats:

Based upon the input from our community using the voting feature within Nextdoor we asked if our members wanted to do the Blessing of the Boats as we would normally do on Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July Weekend, or Cancel the Event.  More than half of the people who responded to the poll wanted us to Delay or Cancel the event.

We have decided it would be prudent to delay this year’s Blessing of the Boats to the 4th of July Weekend with the understanding that this is contingent on the further relaxing of guidelines by the CDC, State of Missouri, and Crawford County.

ILPOA Community Center Public Facilities:

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends that public bathrooms be cleaned/sanitized 1-2 times per day due to the COVID-19 virus.  Unfortunately, currently, we do not have a service provider that is willing to take on the responsibility to ensure our exterior public bathroom is clean and safe to be used by our members and guests.

Unfortunately, we have no choice but to keep the bathroom closed until further notice.  As the CDC changes its recommendation we can then reconsider re-opening the outside public bathroom at the Community Center.

The Marina has also informed us they will not have a public bathroom available either.  So as the holiday and summer weekends are upon us, please make sure if you and your family intend on using the beach that you keep this information in mind and plan ahead.  


I Scream … You Scream … We All Scream for Ice Cream

Nothing says Summer like the music of the Ice Cream truck echoing throughout our community. Starting next week on Tuesday and Saturday late in the afternoon and continuing until September, the Ice Cream Truck will be once again driving around our community with many treats to tantalize your test buds.

Keep in mind we still need to be careful while the COVID-19 virus is still a threat. The Ice Cream Truck will be doing its part to bring you your treats safely. They have added a protective screen to the truck, masks will be worn by the driver and they will frequently sanitize surfaces during breaks.

Don’t let you guard down even through your excited by the tasty treat you are going to buy. We recommend wearing a mask to protect you and the Ice Cream Truck driver. In addition, practice Social Distancing putting at least six (6) feet between you and the next person in line.

Enjoy your Ice Cream but most importantly do it safely!

Our Community Cares

The legacy of our former ILPOA President, Mark McLean was making a difference in people’s lives no matter the place or time. From time to time we will highlight members of our community who embraces the same passion and drive as Mark McLean.

“Our Community Care” Member: Nancy Windorff

Nancy Windorff and her husband Tim have been a member of our community since January 2018. Nancy has already made her mark in our community with two projects she leading.

  • The Indian Hills Game Room: started for the sole purpose of making people smile and laugh, and who doesn’t like to win prizes! Look for Nancy’s postings on social media on upcoming Game Room dates and let us support her.
  • DIY Masks: Rather than sitting still Nancy decided to take matters into her own hands and start making masks to help protect people during this COVID-19 pandemic. Nancy has made more than 65 masks and gives them away free to friends and members. All Nancy asks is if you can make a small donation she can purchase supplies so she can keep making more masks.

What drives Nancy? Nancy was diagnosed with cancer 20 years ago and was given 5 years to live, but she proved doctors wrong. She received so much love and support during that time in her life, and since then, looking for ways to pay it forward. She believes God gave her more time to help and give to others. 

Nancy and her husband Tim have 8 children and 7 grandchildren that they enjoy visiting frequently. Nancy loves being a part of the wonderful groups in the community, like the Booster Club and Ladies Club, that can give to the community as well. If you see Nancy around the community make sure you say Hi and thank her for what she does for our community.

If you know someone who makes a difference like Nancy let us know by emailing us at

Our Community Cares!

Boating Reminders

Section 2.B.  Registration and Length Limits.  Each member together with co-owners, if any, shall be allowed to register a maximum combined total of three (3) motor-driven watercraft subject to the choices listed below.”

  • OWNER RESPONSIBILITY: You must register your boats at the office.  You must produce a title of the craft and that title must be in the name of the owner listed on the deed of your property.  A member cannot register a non-member’s boat. 
    • You cannot receive your watercraft stickers unless you have registered it with the office.
    • No more than three (3) total-speed, ski, runabout, fishing boat, (maximum length twenty-two (22) feet), or pontoon or deck boat (maximum length twenty-five (25) feet).
    • No more than one (1) personal watercraft, maximum length twelve and one half (12 1/2) feet. For the purpose of this section, “PWC” is defined as, but not limited to, wave runners or jet skis.

Section 2.E.Boat Registration.  All boats being launched, operated, docked at private or ILPOA docks or on lifts in the lake water of Indian Hills Subdivision are required to be registered with the Association Office and to display current ILPOA boat stickers purchased at a total cost of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) which will be affixed on the left and right side near the back/rear of the boat, above the waterline.  Lot numbers will be affixed next to the ILPOA boat sticker which will be no less than three (3”) high on the right and left side of watercraft.

    • Only “Members in Good Standing” can request and receive watercraft stickers.
    • You cannot launch a watercraft or operate the watercraft on the lake without the required stickers.
    • If you do not have your watercraft stickers (the rear of the watercraft on each side of the watercraft) and Lot #s displayed on your watercraft you will be subject to a citation for each violation.
    • Watercraft Stickers & Lot #s must be above the waterline and be visible when operating the watercraft.

Section 3.B. Speed Limit.  The boating speed limit of forty miles per hour (40 mph) will be from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. starting the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. starting the first Tuesday after Labor Day through the Thursday proceeding Memorial Day.  Other times, the speed limit shall be a maximum of five miles per hour (5 mph) with minimum wake.“

Section 6. B. Littering.  Members are not to dispose of anything in the lake.  This includes lawn and garden waste, rubbish, litter from storms, soil, rock or any kind of matter.

  • We have been pulling out major sized logs that a member witnessed another member throwing back into the lake after they had washed up onto their property.
  • This is a MAJOR safety issue for boaters, jet skis, etc. because those logs are not entirely visible from the surface.  Do not dump anything into the lake.
  • Violators, at a minimum, will be subject to receiving a citation.

OTHER RULES REMINDERS: Complete set of Rules & Regulations are available at

  • Boats must proceed at no-wake speed when within 100 ‘ of docks. 
  • Boats operating after dark must have navigation lights
  • All coves are a NO WAKE ZONES
  • All watercraft, except sailboats, must travel counter-clockwise at all times. 
  • No one under 14 shall operate any motorized watercraft. 
  • You are ALWAYS responsible for your guests – YOU will receive a citation for your guests breaking the rules. Make sure you go over the rules with them.

New Guidance regarding Covid-19 from Governor Parsons (3/20/20)

JEFFERSON CITY — The Order includes new measures to protect the health and safety of Missouri citizens and frontline workers.

“As the COVID-19 crisis continues to develop, this is a critical step in protecting the health and safety of Missourians,” Governor Parson said. “I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for all citizens to practice social distancing and abide by this order, which is backed by intense deliberation and knowledge.”

The Director of the Department of Health and Senior Services, finding it necessary to protect public health and prevent the further spread of COVID-19, pursuant to the authority granted under section 192.020, RSMo, hereby orders the following:

  1. In accordance with the guidelines from the President and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, every person in the State of Missouri shall avoid social gatherings of more than ten (10) people. For purposes of this Order, “social gatherings” shall mean any planned or spontaneous event or convening that would bring together more than ten (10) people in a single space at the same time.
  2. In accordance with the guidelines from the President and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, every person in the State of Missouri shall avoid eating or drinking at restaurants, bars, or food courts; provided, however, that the use of drive-thru, pickup, or delivery options is allowed throughout the duration of this Order.
  3. In accordance with the guidelines from the President and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, people shall not visit nursing homes, long-term care facilities, retirement homes, or assisted living homes unless to provide critical assistance.
  4. In accordance with the guidelines from the President and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, schools shall remain closed. This Order does not prohibit schools from providing child care and Food and Nutritional Services for those children that qualify. Teachers and staff may enter the building as long as they follow the directives set forth in this Order. 

This Order does not prohibit people from visiting a variety of places, including grocery stores, gas stations, parks, and banks, so long as necessary precautions are taken and maintained to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, including maintaining at least six feet (6’) of distance between all individuals that are not family members.

For offices and workplaces that remain open, individuals shall practice good hygiene and, where feasible, work from home in order to achieve optimum isolation from COVID-19. The more that people reduce their public contact, the sooner COVID-19 will be contained and the sooner this Order will expire.

Local public health authorities are hereby directed to carry out and enforce the provisions of this Order by means of civil proceedings.

The Order will take effect beginning 12:01 A.M. Monday, March 23, 2020 and remain in effect until 12:01 A.M. Monday, April 6, 2020 unless extended by further order of the Director of the Department of Health and Senior Services with said extensions not to exceed the duration of the effective period of Executive Order 20-02.

“This is a serious time for our state and nation, and we must continue taking all steps necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19,” Governor Parson said.  “The more people reduce their public contact, the sooner the virus will be contained and the sooner we can overcome this challenge.”

ILPOA COVID-19 Update – March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020

We have been monitoring that actions are taken across the state to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  There is nothing more important than the health and safety of our members and their guests.  As a result, effective immediately we are going to take the following actions through at least April 3rd and we will continue to monitor the situation and determine if actions need to be continued and or expanded.

  • ILPOA Office Closed Except by Appointments Only
    • Office doors will be locked at all times
    • You must be “fever free” and office staff will use disposable gloves and/or masks during interactions with members.
    • We will be practicing “social distancing” at the office so please keep a distance of six feet between you and our office staff.
  • Utilize the Office DropBox or Email for all Requests
    • Office Staff will contact you regarding your request if any questions and will call you and schedule an appointment with you regarding your completed request if necessary.
    • If you want your request mailed back to you please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your request.
    • Please do not be upset if we hand you your envelope through the door to limit opportunities to be exposed.
  • Community Center will be Closed for all Events, Meetings, etc.
    • Office staff will contact you if there are any conflicts to reschedule
  • ILPOA Quarterly Member Meeting (4/11) is Cancelled
    •  Updates that would have been presented will be posted to the ILPOA Website (
    • Next Quarterly Member Meeting is scheduled for July 11th at 9 a.m.
  • “Be a Neighbor”
    • Please check on your neighbors and see if you can help with transportation, pick-up groceries, etc.
    • If you need assistance contact the office ( or 573-885-3630).  We know of many people willing to help during this difficult time.

ILPOA Board of Directors

Setting the Record Straight, February 2020

It is the policy of the ILPOA Board of Directors that we do not respond to individual posts on social media sites such as Nextdoor and Facebook. Rather we ask our members to send their questions to us via the office email at or to the individual Board of Director. However, in order to address some misinformation that is being shared on these sites as well as questions received at the ILPOA Office we will periodically answer them as a post on our website.

Please click the link below to see the February Issue of “setting the Record straight”.

2020 ILPOA Dock Lottery

This year’s ILPOA Dock Lottery will be Saturday, March 7th at 1 p.m. at the Community Hall.  Below are some key reminders:

  • Determination if member meets the criteria to participate in the lottery event will be based on information available as of March 5th 2020 (4 p.m.).
    • Must be a Member in Good Standing
    • ILPOA Annual Dues Must be Paid
    • Application and Lease Payment received at ILPO Office (payment will be deposited upon receipt)
  • By March 31st you must have returned your signed Boat Dock Lease Agreement and purchase your 2020 ILPOA watercraft sticker at $25.00 each.
  • Any application received after the cut-off date (March 5th, 2020 at 4 p.m.) will only be able to make their selection after all other lottery participants have made their selections.  These late application selections will be made in the order they were received.

Remember, you can always drop off your payment and application at the ILPOA Office. We do have an “after hours” mail box on the ILPOA Office building by the front door.

Below are the Dock Lease Documents (all documents are available at

Should you have any questions you can contact the ILPOA Office ( or 573-885-3630). Thanks in advance for your participation.

Don Kalista

ILPOA Office Chair

New ILPOA Communication Committee Needs You!

With limited resources and time, effectively communicating to our members has been a challenge which we realize needs to be improved.  In order to address the need for more effective communication we need you help through your participation in the ILPOA Communication Committee. 

As a member of the committee all ideas are welcome as we identify communication options to help all members be informed about what is going on in the community.  We can meet at the lake or conduct video/audio conference calls that will enable you to participate whether you are full or part-timer.   This is not a big commitment of time but through your work it can pay off in a big way.

If you would like to help please contact us at or phone the ILPOA Office (573-885- 3630).

ILPOA Communication Committee